Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year!! Hello 2011!

Woah! It has been a crazzzyy year! Seriously! Hahaha! Finally, tonight is the last night for the year 2010.. Aww, I'm so gonna miss 2010! Haha.. Ok, I've finished the new year eve by hanging out with my aunt's friend's son... And he is from Bahamas.. I thought he was fun, but oh well, he is super bored! What a waste of a beautiful end-of-year day.. Shishh, thanks a lot bernard! Hahaha.. Ok, Whatever with that guy..

Ok, resolutions! Wait, I've wrote that earlier in my blog.. Haha.. So not gonna write it again.. I want to be a mature, grown up girl.. Like all the 15-year-old girl should be.. But, I don't know.. I can't actually fake myself.. Its for the best, you know... Haha.. And I don't know what to write here.. Can't wait for 2011, I guess.. Hehe.. I just want the future to get better... More awesome, amazing, crazy kinda crush on you.. Oh wait, that is Nick Jonas's song... Haha..

Actually, a lot of things happened this year.. Good and bad.. To list them all, its freaking too long.. So, to make it shorter, I'll pick the worst and the best thing that happened.. First thing first, the best things... Ok, hmm, let me see.. Oh well, I'll just rate them though...

Best things..

1. Our drama team got number 1 in the drama competition, but lost in the finals.. Oh well, that was awesome though especially I got to play the oppposite sex..

2. Hmm, oh yeah, my class got to do a performance for the Independence day.. It was beyond awesome.. Had a lot of friends, done crazy stuff..

3. Being my own cousin's girl friend.. Haha.. That was epic.. Really!!

4. Went to a camp! That was like freaking cool!

5. Had a great time learning guitar with a seriously sweet teacher.. He is so talented and he is super amazing.. ( Yeah, I fell for him once, Hehe.. Naughty student.. )

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moulin Rouge And Me?

Ok, something is kinda wrong today.. =(

I've been watching Moulin Rouge for like twice or more and never got tired of it.. Well, at least that's fine.. But what is not fine is me hearing of the songs!! OMG?! What is happening to me?! Like seriously?! But, I admit, the songs are super awesome and such a beautiful love song.. My fave? SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR, NO WORDS IN THE VERNACULAR, CAN'T DESCRIBE THIS GREAT EVENT, YOU'LL BE DUMB WITH WONDERMENT!! I don't know how I became super addicted to that movie.. My mom had told about this movie like a long time ago just I can't imagine how fun is the movie is!

Satine is a courtesan... Works in a Moulin Rouge.. So fun! Then she met, Christian (hottie much!) and fell in love when Christian pretend he was the duke.. Aww.. Then the real duke became really really jealous between this sweet lovers.. And too bad, Satine had a disease.. She was dying.. At last, she died in Christian's arm.. They didn't even get the chance to do the curtain call!! Pity them.. I cried, ok? Hahah.. Whatever it is, it is an amazing movie!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Every night Is A Fairytale..

Hee.. =).. Such a sweet title..

Ok, I admit. Being with him is like the time of my lives.. Like Demi was with Joe, Nick was with Miley and so on.. So does me. Me with Afiq.. He's like a star that shines the lonely, dark night.. Since I became his girl, I began to like literature.. Don't ask why cos I don't know either.. So, since we can only meet once a year, officialy, we do something else.. Like, webcam, texting, and my fave, calling..

Well, his voice is like a music.. Well, not really, haha.. He's a funny guy, knows how to make me laugh like crazy.. He has a lot sense of humour.. Love him so much.. Like I said to him, I can't afford to lose him by any chance... He's one in a million! Eventhough next year would be kinda awkward.. That is because he would be 18 and I'm 15? Hello! Awkward much.. But he said, age don't matter in love.. Yeah, maybe he's right.. Hope so.. He so loyal that sometimes I feel really guilty.. Hmm, not sure why I felt that..

If a person ask me what is my favourite memory in 2010, I'll say Karak! Love that time! Love the person in that memory too! ;-).. Well, that is the most beautiful time too.. Duh.. Hahaha.. He is the most perfect guy I've ever met in my whole life.. Good thing my family doesn't have a clue.. Hehehe... So naughty.. Oh well, GTG! Ciao!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life As A Real Girl..

Hehehe.. I began to love the title for nothing.. +.+

Well, let me tell you something when you are in my shoes.. Not in my crocs or something..

I'm just a normal girl.. Well, not really.. People think I'm crazy, sick, pretty, stupid, smart, evil, nice, sweet, pretty and all.. But underneath all that, I'm just a girl.. Its kinda weird when you came from a family that has a lot of mixtures, for example, my dad is half chinese, half malay and half arab.. For me, that's a lot.. Yeah sure, my grandmom is a pretty old lady.. And she's old.. Haha.. I'm such a bad granddaughter.. So, my dad looks like a chinese.. Too bad, I am the only one who looks like an arab.. And guess what? If people don't know me, they might be mistaken and thought that I am a Christian or a half american, but surely not a Malay.. Hahah.. Its real funny to see them figure out..

In my small girls days, I always wanted to be famous.. And I had became a seriously girlish girl.. You know, the all-pink girl?? Its just a-matter-of-factly disgusting! That wasn't me.. Then I know.. All I have to do is to find the true inner me.. And I found it when I became a teenager.. I am actually a funny and a crazy girl.. Yes, I am loud. REAL loud.. All the pink-girls always think that I'm weird.. But who the hell cares?! Its just me.. I don't fake like most of the girls did.. Trust me, I don't really like that kind of life anymore... I'm a hardcore on the outside, a softy on the inside.. But I don't really like showing the softy side of me.. But, the truth is, being myself is what that kept me really interesting and making all the people wants to know the real me.. I'm COMPLICATED!!


Real Resolution ( More Like A Little Bit Early )

Hey hey!

Its been a real long time since I updated my bloggie.. Haha.. Oh well, I've been seriously B to the U to the S to the Y.. Haha.. Yeah, with a lot of stuff.. Finally finished my Form 2, yeahh!! Not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing.. Answer? Both.. And my love life? Is just great.. He's the best damn thing that my eyes had ever seen! So, yeah..

Ok, this year is like FINALLY coming to an end.. YEAH! New year! New me! New BF? Hahah.. Not a chance.. I'm gonna make my realtionship with my sweetheart last real long.. Not a fake one that I used to have.. Oh well, what's past is the past, right? But sometimes, things will go out of hand without we noticing it... Its true.. Sometimes, we will gonna repeat the damn past again.. But hopefully, I won't..

I made a promised to myself.. Next year, I'm gonna be mature! Not a little girl anymore! And I'm going to prove it, trust me.. And I'll never be unfaithful. Well, actually, trying to be faithful is real hard but I don't know when it comes to him, I am dedicated to stay with him. <3.. One thing about him, he's like the music notes that completes my sheet music.. Woah, I am so romantic.. Haha..

So, next year, I'll be 15.. Three letters, P-M-R!! That is what scares me the most.. Huhuhu.. But that's ok.. With a little help from everyone and especially from myself, I can do it! yeah! My brother got 8A's.. Congrats to you bro! But, next year, its my turn to rock... Well, hope so.. Err..


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Is Hard..

Gosh, I can't believe I'm this mad...

Have you ever wondered why in the world your boyfriend didn't text or call you for a very very long time? And then when you texted or called him, he wouldn't pick up his phone or reply anything? I'm actually experiencing this myself... And trust me, you would feel angry, sad, mad, furious and feels like you wanna kill yourself or kill him straight away..

I know he is having his SPM in a very short time. I told myself that I don't want to disturb him or anything. But yesterday was Hari Raya Aidiladha. I texted him. But he didn't answer anything.. I tried to call him that morning. Like a lot of time, but the same thing, he didn't pick up his phone. I was really upset about it until now. I don't know what is his problem. I was like hello? There is like some more people taking SPM but they just chill for one day! Why can't you?!

If he really loves me, then why didn't he picked up his phone until today?! I've already fed up by his act lately. Its not like we were fighting about something. At least, not now. But he makes me kill myself. I just want to say hye, how are you? Good luck in your exams?! Come on!! Gimme a freaking chance!! I don't know why...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Can Just Sing It!!

Yo, what's up??!!

OMG! Guess what? I went to my guitar class this week. So, last week, my guitar teacher asked me to hear a song called "That's When I Love You" by Ashlyn. Not sure who is the singer... Oh well, the song was sweet and awesome. Straight away, I learned the chords.. It was freaking easy...
Then, this week, my teacher was asking me about the song. I said I can already play it. So, I played it to my teacher and he likes it. He gave me the real chords ( because the chords I used was not exactly right ). It was awesome.. But that wasn't the whole story..
Remember he asked me to play at the party, right? Well, the party was confirmed. It will be held in my music school. So, he asked me to play that song. I was like "Yes, I will!!". Super excited. He said next week, we are going to practice with drums as I'll be performing with a band. A REAL BAND!! Not Jonas Brothers though but still, A BAND! So, yeah. Next week, we are going to practice. I'm going to play the electric guitar and vocals. He's gonna be the drummer. Now, that's a multi talented young music teacher..
Seriously, he gave me the full responsibility to perform on 18th of December. I was excited plus super nervous. Just imagine, if I was playing then I forgot the chords?? GOD!! I don't want that to happen! Oh well, WISH ME LUCK!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Going To An End..

Hey!! What's up dude!!

Today has been the messiest day in my life!! I can't believe I got 21/40 for BM paper 1! Its just not fair.. Well, actually it is. You see, the whole class was frustrated with the freaking damn paper.. The JPS who did the paper, had put the stupidest answer just because they wanted to make us confused! What??!! The question was just the same as the answer!! ARGGHH!!

The thing that made me really really mad is the 38th question. It said what is the meaning of the letters that was underlined. I answered the real thing but it was wrong! The teacher said they wanted the meaning of the freaking word. But it was clearly stated they wanted the meaning of the underlined letter!!! Stupid ass!! Who in the hell asked us to answer the word!!

Now, just because of that, I got 21/40 which means clearly I won't get A or maybe, just maybe, close to B. But still!!! The paper 2 won't help that much. The best thing was that I was crying of depression in class!! Damn, I was really sad, mad and hate it. A LOT!! God!! Stupid JPS people who wanted us to fail everything!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breaking In My Comfort Zone..

What does it mean? Usually, they mean being outside the box or something like that,I guess.. Oh well. This is what I actually mean..

I had broke up with Muiz a month ago, I think? Whatever.. So yeah, I thought of being a single lady and be happy. But guess what? I coupled with the guy who I didn't think of doing it.. Afiq. It was quite risky. Duh, he is my second cousin. It all started 12 days ago. It was his B-day. Surprisingly, he called me all day. I just talk to him and all. It was quite weird. Then he asked me if I wanted to be his girl. I answered.. YES! Officialy, I'm his girlfriend. But my family doesn't know anything about this so we are keeping it a secret.

I told Sorayya about it. Can't believe she likes it! She doesn't really approved my previous guys. But this time, she was freaking excited that she made me feeling weird. And so does Akmal. He is so happy about it and always talk about Afiq. Akmal said we really suits each other. Yeah, he's 17 and I'm 14. Awkward..

Then, oh yeah, he gave me this necklace with a pick on it. I really really loved it! I wore it everyday without fail. But, last Friday, I had to go to this dinner. My mom asked me to take off that necklace. I did and I put it in my bag but it was hanging. At the restaurant, I put my bag under the table. I really didn't realize it until I reached my grandmom's house. I was shocked + scared + really really sad. I can't believe I've lost that necklace.

I was so worried and I decided to tell Afiq. I text him that I need to tell something. He called me and I told that the necklace was gone. Yes, I was crying too and end up with a fever. He said, its okay, its only a thing. But, hey, Miss Guilty here! I still can't forgive myself..


Finals In Hand

Hello guys!! Yes, its been a long time since I updated my blog. I've been seriously busy as a student..

Ok, my finals exams is coming closer! For now, just study as hard as I could to get the perfect score for me. Not for the school. Tomorrow will be the first day of the exams. Bahasa Melayu, History and Sivik. Though love.. -.-. Oh well, the finals will end on Monday, 1st November 2010.. I don't really take the last paper seriously. Its only ICT. About computers..

Rumours has it that next year, the teachers will synchronise the pupils in each class. Which means that equal amount of student from three different races will be in each class. I might be kick down to a different class.. To stay in it, I have to make sure that my results are awesome! But, its hard. No doubt. There's a lot of geniuses in that class compared to me, a normal B+ girl.

Lets hope the paper will be easy so easy that I can get full marks or maybe the teachers will read the answers to me only.. Hehehe.. Not gonna happen..
Good Luck to all 2 Merantians!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Act, Sing, Love

Hey, what's up?!

Act, sing, love? What is that you're asking? Its three different adverb accept for love that is.. Today, I'm gonna tell you about it one by one. Starting from acting..

This afternoon, I went to a audition. Its an acting audition. At first I thought it was only a piece of blueberry cheesecake ( nyumm!), but actually its hard. I can't believe it I freaked few hours before the audition. I was like "hey, I'm in the school's drama team and there's nothing to be scared of" but trust me, it didn't work at all.. So, the audition came. I acted as a school's belle named Amirah. I had to act twice cos once with Venecca and another one is with Akmal. It was cool. Makes it better when Muiz was there. There's nothing happening between me and him ok? So, I have to wait for about 1 month for the results.. Hahh.. One done, two more two go..

What about singing? This is only a plan which is not confirmed yet.. And I wish it would be confirmed as soon as possible.. Just now, I went to my guitar class. My teacher taught me how to play "WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING". Then, he told me that this December, maybe, just maybe, there's gonna be a tea party at Zeborah Putra Heights. He said he wanted me to perform one of the song there if its confirmed. I was like " OMG! Performing with a band and I'm with a guitar?! I nearly shouted but I controlled myslef. But seriously?! For a tea party, that is one of the steps to performing as a pro! Just can't wait... Haha!

Love, well, I've been writing it like always.. WTV! I did said that during my audition, Muiz was there. I just don't understand myself. I thought I'm already done with him but why am I treating him like he was my BF? I just don't understand it. I told Afiq that I love him, and that was okey. But Muiz? He's a guy that I can't let go easily. Seriously! Looks like I have to find a way to let go of him slowly.. Wish me luck for the three things!!


Monday, September 27, 2010

This Is My Confession

Well, its not glee's mash up, ITS MY LIFE/CONFESSION. Its actually what happened just now and I can't wait to tell it!! Gahahaha!! Why am I laughing like that?!

This morning, I went to school.. Duh, it is Monday? So, yeah, it went like always. Then, Oya said that Afiq, my cousin, texted her. Well, I admit I'm kinda jealous coz he's been busy with his trial exams and it was cool. So, he didn't text me for quite a long time. Of course I'm jealous! With my own best friend? That's just too much. Then, I thought about it. If I'm jealous even when he texted with my best friend, doesn't it mean I'm crushing on him. The answer, YES! I am crushing on him.

So, about 4 o'clock, he finally texted me. I was like yeahh!! So, I told him the truth what I feel about him and I'm glad he accept it. Duhh, he told me he loves me so its fair and square and rhombus and circle and... What am I talking about?!

That was the first confession. The second one is I confessed to Venecca and Muiz how I hate Jiha. Trust me, she's the most annoying human being you've ever met. She is jealous with me and Oya coz both of us are close with her bf. Like so what?! So, I told Muiz and Venecca how I felt and I felt really great.

You see, when we confess something in your heart to someone, you're gonna be in so much relieve. No burdens..


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Chances..

Hey hey!!!

Hahhh.. Its been a long day and yet I'm not asleep yet.. That's because I can't wait for tomorrow and I was sleeping in the evening. So, yeah.. Anyway, I got so bored and I design my blog. Its much more interesting and teenager stuffs.. Haha!

The only thing I want to talk about here is getting new chances everyday eventhough your life is full of sorrow and sadness. Everyday is a brand new day. So, start new when you wake up in the morning! Say hello to the sunshine! =)

So, I was in school. Suddenly, a teacher went in and asked us if we heard about a competition. Well, of course not! So, the teacher said that there's gonna be an acting audition for a series called "WAKTU REHAT" on Disney Channel. I straight away raised up my hand and said "I want to enter!!!". So, me and Akmal were the only two from 2 meranti who loves to do these kind of stuffs. And guess what? The prizes and seriously superb! There are;

- getting a PSP!
- getting some other game stuffs
_ and most importantly, getting a chance to ACT IN THAT SERIES!!

Yes, its freaking awesome!!! All I have to do is to play a role from that series. Obviously I'm gonna play Amirah cos she is so like me. Wanted badly to become the most popular girl in school. Like who don't?! Well, the audition is on Tuesday, So, wish me LUCK!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

raya raya raya...

Well, hello there!

Its been a very long time since I updated this blog.. So sorry.. Well, here I am. I'm back. Like the title, I'm gonna talk about raya.. Its already one week of raya, still people come to my house and we went to their house. Hey, it is one month, right? This raya would be the best I think? Yeah, that's because this year I became friendly with everyone, especially this chinese guy that I've been crushing on him a year now.. Hehe.. Last year, I was crazy about him.. When he drank from his glass, I took it as a momentum.. hehe.. Yep, I'm crazy. But this year, a miracle happened. HE TALKED TO ME!!! He has this sexy voice that all the girls are dreaming from every dream guy. He is a dream guy, seriously.. Characteristic:

- He is tall. ( that's because I'm freaking short.. -,-)
- He is seriously nice. ( he gave me his cheesecake eventhough I'm dead full )
- He is smart. ( he studies at HELP )
- He has a sexy body language. ( you don't want to know how I got that )
- He is very fair. ( duhh... he is a chinese )
- He has a very smooth skin. ( even I have a rough skin )

Ok, maybe he is a dream guy after all.. To top it all, when he wanted to go back, he met me and he touched my hand and said 'I've gotta go'. I was seriously starstrucked after that.. The huge problem is, HE'S 20!! Oh well, who says that a 14 year old girl cannot crush on a 20 year old guy?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spinning round and round and round......

Arghhh!! My head is like being hit by a bowling ball! It really hurts... Don't know why. Maybe its because that now is the fasting month, its hot, I'm busy with the merdeka preparation and lots of things.. I hate it everytime I have to suffer with this kind of pain. I don't care about any pain except for this one. Wait a sec, I'm not actually writing about my headache. I'm gonna right what happens now..

You see, last two days I went to the final drama competition in MSU. Everyone knows who I am, right? Well, eventually I met with this guy, Aaron, in a bus. He asked for my phone number so I gave it to him. Its not always that boys asking for my phone number. So, I'm kinda excited because this boy is kinda cute. But in my heart there's only Muiz. We kinda chat for a while and continued in the lecturing hall where like more than 100 students were in the small lecturing hall. Aaron asked me to sit with him so I did because I'm not trying to flirt with him but there's too many people inside and so stuffy. Well, we talked a lot and I can see that Akmal is not really happy with it. So does my other drama teammates. I was like, whatever..

After they announced the winner, which is Aaron's team, I took a picture with him for memories. In the car while we about to go home, my team-mates called me Despresso. To be honest, I'm not desperate ok? I'm just trying to be friendly with anyone else and not to stick with one only.

What I cannot believe is, one of them told Muiz that I'm in love with Aaron which is so not true! Omigosh, I can't believe they said that! Just because Aaron put me and him as his profile picture in facebook, doesn't mean I'm crushing on him good. I was like, WTH?!

Oh well, that's just how it goes huh? I told Muiz that none of them was true and he understands me. I'm happy to have an understanding guy just like him. I know he won't let me go and I promise not to let him go. I just love him, you know...


Thursday, August 5, 2010


No, its not Jordin Sparks's song. Its me. Like the lyrics says, "Why does love always feel like battlefield...." Its true. That's because I already (finally) have a true guy. He's nice and most important he loves me. But just now...
I had a drama practice but I didn't know until Hannan told me. Before that Faizal invited me to go to KFC. And I was like, okay. I asked my bf to go with me and he said yes. So, when I got to school, Kak Tasha said the drama practice was actually 2.30. I had no choice and asked the boys to come to school. So, surprisingly they came. But I had to go to drama practice and I asked my teacher to leave early. And I did. But the boys were already at KFC and I had to go there. -.-
When I got there, they were talking normally. Suddenly, as soon I sat down, the boys started to ask me sorts of questions. I was like, huh? I just got there. And sweetly my bf bought me a drink. So sweet!
We began to talk and Arif asked Muiz why did he asked Syiro to be his gf? I was thinking he was seriously jealous. And Arif began to make Muiz jealous. Is it me or Arif is seriously stupid?! I felt so annoying.
Then we went back, me and Muiz. Arif and his twin-friend tried to catch us. Fortunately for both of us, Faizal and Faris followed us at the back. They told us not to use the easy road cos it will cause so much trouble. So, we went the back way. But Arif still can catch us. They asked me to go back home and that time I was scared. Scared if anything happens to Muiz.
After a few minutes, Muiz called me and said that he's fine. I was kinda relieve but actually not. I thought Amir was the bad guy, but actually he's not. He's on my side. But Arif... Damn, he's evil! I didn't thought that Arif could be so jealous. I mean he's my friend and why would he do that?


Friday, July 30, 2010

graphic lab...

hey, what's up?
Since last week, I spent my time, actually the whole school time, in the graphic lab. Hey, I'm not skipping any class, ok? Fine, I did! Haha! Whatever. I was helping my peeps to finish their school project called Bp myScience. I am honoured to help them, That's what friends are for, right? Syiro, Akmal, Bhavey and Kang were the ones that is supposed to finish it, I just help them to perfect it. Its awesome. Just imagine that if the school won and I helped, Wow! I helped? That is so cool. I bring the proudness in myself... Oh yeah, edin helped to do the Solar Boat. At last that thing finally works!!!
GTG, have to do somthing...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my pics!!


Ok, there's a girl in my school that is freaking crazy!! Ok, shs has a boyfriend and apparently her boyfriend is in my class and my friend too. So,me and him is like kinda close but just friends. But, she thought I was having an affair with her bf. Like what? I'd rather have a fat, black guy as my bf.. Gosh, how could she think of that when I have nothing to do with that guy! Jealous much? Oh, and her friends are freaking like her. If anyone knows them.. Well... What I found out today is I found out that someone had wrote in her formspring that I tried to snatch her guy.. That anynomous little rat is going to get it from me!! And how could she/he wrote that my best friend would write something like that? Ok, they are dead!!

Hate em'..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

crush or not to crush

Huhh.. Life has been hard and easy.. What kind of statement is that?!
Whatever.. Anyway, my life has always been normal. Being a normal girl is cool. Really, sometimes you feel like you're a loser but sometimes you feel you're the greatest person on earth. Hey, that's normal. You only feel that when someone gives you attention. You will feel happy and then irritated.. trust me. I know how it feels.. When bad boys started to say your name, giving you love languages.. Ugh.. There's one guy that i met during my drama competition, Raoul. Well, he's a great actor. But I didn't meant to fall for him. Then , he gave me his phone number. I was like ok.. Then, he started to text me some love poems taht i think he took it from a fairytale book. Its like sweet-nonsense things. I like it but at the same time I hate it. Its like he calling me a princess, tried to steal my heart.. Like what? Its like weird you know. His poems are sweet but too bad I didn't fall for him. He's 17!! He keeps texting me until now. I just go with the flow. I don't want to take the risk to hurt him. Coz I'm a heartbreaker, baby!! Hahaha!!

See ya again..


oh yeah!!!
Remember I said I wrote a song? Oh yeah! I just played it to my teacher.. And guess what he said? He likes it!! Oh my god, I just can't believe it! My first song ever wrote.. Thank you experience! Seriously, according to my teacher, that was a great song written by amature.. The song, I don't have the title yet.. That's weird.. I don't have a title for my song.. Hmm.. Gonna Find it later. And another thing I'm excited about is there's another german guy at school!! And he is so hot! He's tall and has cute brown eyes.. Amazing.. He's totally cute.. Maybe I'm having a new-cute-german-guy-in-school syndrome again, I guess? Because I already having it when Simon came in the school.. Well, too bad he's gone now. I miss him alot. Back to the new german guy, he looked at me and said "hye"! I was starstrucked.. Let's just think that he would be close to me..

Goodbye Raoul, Hello Cute German Guy!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

rockstar in making.. hehe..

whats up?!
hey again! its been a crazy day because some boys in my class were disturbing me.. Like what the hell?! But i'm not here to talk about my day.. I'm going to talk about my only interest, which is not boys.. Its music. Music have been in this world for like forever since anyone could remember. From the classic Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and many more who wrote classic song to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and more. Yes, music is life. Music is also a way of people expressing their feelings inside that they cannot express it through their mouth. So, they wrote something that is called lyrics. After that, they began to make their own music, tried to play piano, guitar, drums and all. So, they began to sing their song everytime they feel sad, happy, depressed that depends on their melody. And, hey presto! A song is made.. Writing a song is so easy. First, you just have to understand what you feel on something like you love that guy. So, write a song about that guy that you're crushing on. Isn't it easy?! Second, try to play one or two musical instruments. It helps you to write your song easy with a melody. Third, invent you're own melody. Go find some music notes or a piece of paper. Lastly, rock that song out! Rock it in your room, sing it to your friends and family, perform it infront of all people or just put it on youtube. Voila! You're a rockstar! For me, I already wrote a song about me and .... It turns out to be awesome! I wish that my guitar teacher would love that song when i played it tomorrow. Just can't wait!! Hey, I'm a rockstar in making, right?!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

love life sucks!!

hey again.. in this post, you will know why i'm sort of moody these days.. i'm not having any crisis ok?!
Like I said in the previous post, being a teenager is tough.. The fact is, it is. Everyone that is teens must experience something called falling in L.O.V.E. For me, love life had been hard. First, the guy I love the most finally confessed that he loves a girl in his class. That really broke me into pieces. Its a good thing I didn't cry when he said that. Oh yeah, I'm a strong girl. Nah, actually I'm seriously weak! After that, I promised myself not to fall in love again. As you can see clearly, love only makes you hurt. Its great to be single and have friends, NORMAL friends. Friends that you know you won't fall in love with. Friends that you know that always be with you no matter what. Everytime you feel like you are at the lowest point of gravity, you will realise that you have to be strong and make yourself stand-up for yourself. Its not easy to heal when you had fallen in love with someone you know for quite a time. Well, that's what I learn from my exeprience. And trust me, getting in love is so easy but when you want to leave it will be very very hard...
So, be smart at choosing your own life.. =)

again and again

hey! omigosh! it seems like a long time since a posted my last post.. the reason is because my life is getting worse everyday.. trust me, its true.. being a teenager is hard and crazy. its like a million things happens in one second!! its insane. but it also teaches me how to survive when you get much mature and older.. coz the older you get, the harder your life will be.. that's what i know so far.. ughh.. hate being an adult.. i think being a little kid is SO MUCH EASIER than being who i am now.. but i'm happy with everything i got.. like nick jonas said;

"but you don't know what you've got until its gone,
and you don't know what its like to feel so low,
and everytime you smile you laugh you glow,
you don't even know.."

fyi, keep happy!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

i will never believe it!


He is the most stupidest human being! I never believe he said that! Now I know, I swear he will never be my friend again! I had given a thousand chances and now the chances is FINISH! I don't know what happened to him.. He had change a lot since he became friends some so-called-cool-dudes. And they made him change over night! And now he hates me and obviously day by day, I know inside I hate him more than I hate to eat Chilli.. How could he did that? I mean he said we are supposed to be friends like forever, living in New York, working under a same roof... No! All of them are just some stupid imagination. I won't work about being friends anymore. If that's the way he wants, then I'm off! He said I never said thanks to him, HEY I DID, OK?! He will never learn about being friends.. Such a cry baby!! Why? He wants everyone to understand his feelings like everyday? DUDE! Get a life! Now I won't talk to him!


Friday, April 23, 2010

pizza party baby!!

hey hey!!

This evening I'm going to my uncle's house for homemade-pizza party! Oh yeah! This is gonna be a blast! He's gonna do some pizzas and we're gonna eat it. Oh, what I mean we is my family, me and my aunt's family.. Huhh.. Hanging out with them are awesome like seriously.. But, tomorrow I've to go this competition. Great.. -.-.. And my turn is the second?! That is so early! huhuhu.. WHY??! But the ustaz was like 'Yeah, you were great. But you have to read it ala arab..'. I was like 'HUH?!'. So whatever.. And my grandmother will not be there! Wohhoo!! Holller! More updates about this crazy pizza party..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

staying home...


Yeah, I'm at home and I am so bored!! Just because I'm sick and had to stay at home.. At school, I have my lovely friends that are always making me happy and yet crazy. Eventhough I just didn't meet them for 1 day, I still miss them a lot! Now I know having a friend is very special to me! Especially when they love you.. And one more thing is about my grandmother. She asked me to enter this competition which I don't want to enter! But she still forcing me and wants to take me to the competition this evening. God! I don't want to go. Ok, my only problem is, I cannot say no to someone who is much much older than me. I just feel wrong and not suppose to be rude. Hey, I'm a nice girl, ok? But at the same time its eating myself alive. I just don't want to go! Why is it so hard to say no to her? Why does my cousin can say no!!



I was asleep this evening because of that cold. But how do I got a dream in the evening? Well, its a scary-funny-romantic-amazing dream! Ok, firstly I was at my school and there were like a lot of people there. More than the school kids.. So, I was like "OOKk..". Then I took a walk around the school to find out. Suddenly I saw Yap with a sunglasses, black shirt, and a blood pattern on his hand which he already showed me, REAL LIFE! So, I came to him as he was holdingg something. This is the dialog in my dream:

Me: Hey, what is that?
Yap: What do you want to see?
Me: I wanna see you.. -.-
Yap: Sure.

Ok, that dialog is so awkward! Like seriously. So back to the dream, we went walking at the canteen where I saw all the Form 4 students are wearing the same thing as Yap. That is so totally weird! I was wondering what was happening until I saw many cameramen in one corner. Then, I got a shock when I saw the Jonas Brothers are there, IN MY SCHOOL! Suddenly, I don't know how, Nick called me.. I sat with them and laughed. Its really cool if only its true..

After talking to them, me and Yap still walking until I noticed all the people were missing. Including Yap. This makes me more and more curious. I heard a loud BOOM! It was actually a Tranformer?! Ok, officialy that is the craziest dream ever. Why there's Yap wearing like a terminator, Jonas Brothers and Transformers in my dream?! Then I don't remember. But still it is the craziest dream ever!!

sick and so scared...


Arghh!! I'm feeling sick today.. Firstly, I feel dizzy yesterday. Then today, I had a cold. A very bad one! I hate cold coz it makes you uncomfortable. Trust me, I know how it feels.. -.-. And the worst part is, my school is already got hit by a very dangerous disease called.. H1NI!!! That sickness like the most craziest sick ever got hit. There's already like 2 people in my school got H1N1. And supposedly the school got closed but the headmistress of the school didn't want to close it because she wants the her students to catch the syllabus! Does she wanted her students to die just to catch that syllabus?! And the class where the students got
H1N1 is not attending the school. Like what?! That is so not fair!! But the teachers are really scared bout this sickness. I told my teacher that i have a flu and the teacher was like 'Oh, you have to go back". Like what?! So i just stay at school. And now I heve this bad cold because I didn't wear my mask! haha!! My bad ok? Now i have to make sure that i don't have any of that H1N1 disease! I have to make sure I am in a good state of health..

see ya!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok, yesterday I got a fight with a guy at my class. We were at the school's library and he was disturbing me! What I did was shout at his face. So, when I was walking out of the library, he threw a book at ME (he is seriously dead!)!! I got so mad and I took a book near me and threw him back. But, it didn't hit him.. shishh!! So, I was like 'Whatever!' and stormed out. Before I could do that, he came running to me and punch me on my SHOULDERS! That was a serious hit! And it hurts! After we got out, I called him 'FAT'(hey, that wasn't as rough as a guy hitting a girl, ok?). So, I went back with Akmal. When i thought everything's over, actually its not.. I said goodbye to Akmal and went back straight away. BUT, he suddenly called me and cross the road just to see me?! Ok, that is so weird. He came up to me and asked me, here's the dialog:

DANIAL: hey, does it hurts?
ME: well, just a little but its cool.. why?
DANIAL: look, i'm sorry i hit you.
ME: OOOKK, but why did you hit me?
DANIAL:.. because there's no other girl i can do that..

So, after that it ended, WAIT, not really. The thing that happened after that is really sweet. I called him and he looked back at me and i gave him a smile and he smiled back.. aww.. for a guy who hit me, he's not that bad.. <3

new song in process

hey hey hey!!

I have an amazing thing to write! Today i went to my guitar class. Then, like of course, i learned how to play it (and so getting better!). After finished learning, my teahcher asked me if I already wrote any lyrics, and I said 'YEAH'. The teacher then asked me if I already have the chords and I said no. So here comes the BIG news!! My teacher said he can give me some chords and help me to write an REAL SONG (with melody and music..)! And, yeah, I am really excited about next week! I am now writing some awesome lyrics from my experience.. Its sad, don't ask. So, i have to wait for next week and Sufiah song's will be complete and can't wait to play it to my family and loved ones!!

(credits to JONAS BROTHERS cos i was watching LIVING THE DREAM - WE ARE OUR SONG. What they said was really, really true! so got inspired from that!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

does that count as a date?

Hmm.. Yeseterday i went out to meet my German friend, Simon. So, the day before i was chatting with him on Facebook and i asked him if i can meet him. He said yeah and we met at KFC(like that's the only place we can meet..). So, we were talking about almost everything we did at school, how our life become and more. Sometimes i do feel like its kinda like a date but its not. DUH... While we were talking, suddenly my friend, Kak tasha, Yin ying, Ayeen and Yap came to us. one by one. God! that is so irratating.. UGHH!! But I kinda like it when Yap came and talk to me. I was so scared if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.. But he did! Yayy! So, I thought of going home at 5, but just like friends that didn't meet for one year, I went back at nearly 6. Hehe. I had a great time hanging out with Simon and too bad he's going back to Berlin on August. So gonna miss him..


What's up? Oh my god, i just found out that my team Mystique is the WINNER for the Treasure Hunt Competition!! WOHOO!! We rocked it out... adn we beat a form 5 team. I mean, how cool is that? I was so proud of them that I screamed out loud at the library after found out that OFFICIALY we won. and on Monday we will be getting a prize of our own and all of the student will like, 'Go Mystique!'. love that.. anyway, you guys are the best!! XOXO

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i love my chicken!!

yeah that'sme with a cute chicken doll!! can't help it but kiss it..

treasure hunting..

today is a cool day for me. that's because i had a treasure hunting competition at school.. me, syiro, oya and syera were so excited like mad. when i mean mad, i mean it literally.. so, they all came to my house to have a rest first. then we ate so much until full. then i said 'hey, its already 2.35!'. and we all freaked out and ran from my house to school. its a good thing that my house is so near to the school. imagine if my house is so far.. oh well. we made it! while waiting for our turn, we did crazy stuff in APD room (not sure what APD means..). we were like laughing and playing and dancing, IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER! but the teacher just laughed and the other group was like looking at us. LOL! then, its show time! we did it great and i wasted my time finding a book called 'THE EYES OF BLIND'(stupid title!) by Alison Morgan. and i spent like 10 minutes searching for that book. and syiro came. we search for it, i saw a book with a name, Morgan. I was like, 'Morgan, Morgan.. OMG, its Alison Morgan!!' i took out and we're done!! oh yeah! whatever it is, GO TEAM MYSTIQUE!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

oldies vs new hits??

well, this morning i went to school (like duh..). so instead disscussing about boring school works (and eating sushi in class), me and akmal were talking about old songs like 'oops, i did it again'. akmal said something about old songs that made me realise like 'oh yeah, that is so true'. anyway, i think old osngs like 'yesterday' sung by the beatles are so hit because they are so seriously!! ask any old guys out there and they will like' that song is amazing!'. really, those songs are amazing. no doubt on that. but even the new hits like 'baby' is cool cos that made all of us sing it like a crazy person...

tough day!!

i am so happy cos i already finished my sivik folio all by myself!! imagine the deadline is tomorrow and you only got today to finished it? woah! today was kinda tough day for me cos lets see, umm, oh yeah, i didn't finish my group work so as usual i got all the blame and have to do it. but somehow i finished it! and there's this two guys suddenly wanted to chat with me, and i was like 'what in the world do they think i'm doing?!'. but i still chat with them, stupid! but yeah, at least it burns out my tension on that folio.. oh well, sometimes something that bothers you is the thing you need it now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

at nurin's birthday party

that is my sister and me!! we got so bored in the car that we took a picture together! trust me, i can easily got bored...

what's up??

hey!! happy weekend.. during weekends like this, i usually hangout nowhere but in front of the computer... hey, that's my life.. but i do play the guitar.. love to play least now i can play my fave songs!! YAYY!! i hope that i will continue playing it no matter what! love ya!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

eating at school

just now, my teacher did a test how to eat properly. well, at first i did quite well, until akmal begin to talk craps and jokes.. i was like laughing while i was eating!! and in the class were like all boys and only three girls.. but the boys said there's only two girls because they said i act like a guy so i didn't count as a girl.. stupid!! but we went through that together and it was a fun time in the school's kitchen, eating with your friends.. its cool!!

am i wrong?

ok, i maybe i did made a mistake... A HUGE ONE! akmal was right. i should respect other people secrets.. its me,i was just dying to know about his secret. and maybe he is not mad at me. myabe i am the only one who accidentally thought of something else.. damn, i did made a big mistake.. to yap, i am so so sorry .. it was my own fault, i am stupid.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my cousins and family!

that is tasya..

me and cousins

this is me and my cousins.. and yeah, we're crazy.. we were at cameron highlands when i decided to take this picture. it has wonderful surroundings and it was quite cold and awesome!! let's hear it for CAMERON HIGHLANDS!! WOHOO!!

a lot of pressure!!

gosh.. this week has been so crazy! first, with the preparation of the drama competition, then, the exams.. next week, THE COMPETITION! this is so crazy.. but can't wait for the week to end... then i can relax a bit.. huishh..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

hye what's up?

my name is sufiah.. i'm fourteen this june! yeah!! welcome to my blog.. i know i already made this.. but i renew it.. so i hope you all can enjoy reading my blog as much as any thing.. see ya! =)