Thursday, April 22, 2010



I was asleep this evening because of that cold. But how do I got a dream in the evening? Well, its a scary-funny-romantic-amazing dream! Ok, firstly I was at my school and there were like a lot of people there. More than the school kids.. So, I was like "OOKk..". Then I took a walk around the school to find out. Suddenly I saw Yap with a sunglasses, black shirt, and a blood pattern on his hand which he already showed me, REAL LIFE! So, I came to him as he was holdingg something. This is the dialog in my dream:

Me: Hey, what is that?
Yap: What do you want to see?
Me: I wanna see you.. -.-
Yap: Sure.

Ok, that dialog is so awkward! Like seriously. So back to the dream, we went walking at the canteen where I saw all the Form 4 students are wearing the same thing as Yap. That is so totally weird! I was wondering what was happening until I saw many cameramen in one corner. Then, I got a shock when I saw the Jonas Brothers are there, IN MY SCHOOL! Suddenly, I don't know how, Nick called me.. I sat with them and laughed. Its really cool if only its true..

After talking to them, me and Yap still walking until I noticed all the people were missing. Including Yap. This makes me more and more curious. I heard a loud BOOM! It was actually a Tranformer?! Ok, officialy that is the craziest dream ever. Why there's Yap wearing like a terminator, Jonas Brothers and Transformers in my dream?! Then I don't remember. But still it is the craziest dream ever!!

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