Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Can Just Sing It!!

Yo, what's up??!!

OMG! Guess what? I went to my guitar class this week. So, last week, my guitar teacher asked me to hear a song called "That's When I Love You" by Ashlyn. Not sure who is the singer... Oh well, the song was sweet and awesome. Straight away, I learned the chords.. It was freaking easy...
Then, this week, my teacher was asking me about the song. I said I can already play it. So, I played it to my teacher and he likes it. He gave me the real chords ( because the chords I used was not exactly right ). It was awesome.. But that wasn't the whole story..
Remember he asked me to play at the party, right? Well, the party was confirmed. It will be held in my music school. So, he asked me to play that song. I was like "Yes, I will!!". Super excited. He said next week, we are going to practice with drums as I'll be performing with a band. A REAL BAND!! Not Jonas Brothers though but still, A BAND! So, yeah. Next week, we are going to practice. I'm going to play the electric guitar and vocals. He's gonna be the drummer. Now, that's a multi talented young music teacher..
Seriously, he gave me the full responsibility to perform on 18th of December. I was excited plus super nervous. Just imagine, if I was playing then I forgot the chords?? GOD!! I don't want that to happen! Oh well, WISH ME LUCK!!


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