Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moulin Rouge And Me?

Ok, something is kinda wrong today.. =(

I've been watching Moulin Rouge for like twice or more and never got tired of it.. Well, at least that's fine.. But what is not fine is me hearing of the songs!! OMG?! What is happening to me?! Like seriously?! But, I admit, the songs are super awesome and such a beautiful love song.. My fave? SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR, NO WORDS IN THE VERNACULAR, CAN'T DESCRIBE THIS GREAT EVENT, YOU'LL BE DUMB WITH WONDERMENT!! I don't know how I became super addicted to that movie.. My mom had told about this movie like a long time ago just I can't imagine how fun is the movie is!

Satine is a courtesan... Works in a Moulin Rouge.. So fun! Then she met, Christian (hottie much!) and fell in love when Christian pretend he was the duke.. Aww.. Then the real duke became really really jealous between this sweet lovers.. And too bad, Satine had a disease.. She was dying.. At last, she died in Christian's arm.. They didn't even get the chance to do the curtain call!! Pity them.. I cried, ok? Hahah.. Whatever it is, it is an amazing movie!