Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Act, Sing, Love

Hey, what's up?!

Act, sing, love? What is that you're asking? Its three different adverb accept for love that is.. Today, I'm gonna tell you about it one by one. Starting from acting..

This afternoon, I went to a audition. Its an acting audition. At first I thought it was only a piece of blueberry cheesecake ( nyumm!), but actually its hard. I can't believe it I freaked few hours before the audition. I was like "hey, I'm in the school's drama team and there's nothing to be scared of" but trust me, it didn't work at all.. So, the audition came. I acted as a school's belle named Amirah. I had to act twice cos once with Venecca and another one is with Akmal. It was cool. Makes it better when Muiz was there. There's nothing happening between me and him ok? So, I have to wait for about 1 month for the results.. Hahh.. One done, two more two go..

What about singing? This is only a plan which is not confirmed yet.. And I wish it would be confirmed as soon as possible.. Just now, I went to my guitar class. My teacher taught me how to play "WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING". Then, he told me that this December, maybe, just maybe, there's gonna be a tea party at Zeborah Putra Heights. He said he wanted me to perform one of the song there if its confirmed. I was like " OMG! Performing with a band and I'm with a guitar?! I nearly shouted but I controlled myslef. But seriously?! For a tea party, that is one of the steps to performing as a pro! Just can't wait... Haha!

Love, well, I've been writing it like always.. WTV! I did said that during my audition, Muiz was there. I just don't understand myself. I thought I'm already done with him but why am I treating him like he was my BF? I just don't understand it. I told Afiq that I love him, and that was okey. But Muiz? He's a guy that I can't let go easily. Seriously! Looks like I have to find a way to let go of him slowly.. Wish me luck for the three things!!


Monday, September 27, 2010

This Is My Confession

Well, its not glee's mash up, ITS MY LIFE/CONFESSION. Its actually what happened just now and I can't wait to tell it!! Gahahaha!! Why am I laughing like that?!

This morning, I went to school.. Duh, it is Monday? So, yeah, it went like always. Then, Oya said that Afiq, my cousin, texted her. Well, I admit I'm kinda jealous coz he's been busy with his trial exams and it was cool. So, he didn't text me for quite a long time. Of course I'm jealous! With my own best friend? That's just too much. Then, I thought about it. If I'm jealous even when he texted with my best friend, doesn't it mean I'm crushing on him. The answer, YES! I am crushing on him.

So, about 4 o'clock, he finally texted me. I was like yeahh!! So, I told him the truth what I feel about him and I'm glad he accept it. Duhh, he told me he loves me so its fair and square and rhombus and circle and... What am I talking about?!

That was the first confession. The second one is I confessed to Venecca and Muiz how I hate Jiha. Trust me, she's the most annoying human being you've ever met. She is jealous with me and Oya coz both of us are close with her bf. Like so what?! So, I told Muiz and Venecca how I felt and I felt really great.

You see, when we confess something in your heart to someone, you're gonna be in so much relieve. No burdens..


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Chances..

Hey hey!!!

Hahhh.. Its been a long day and yet I'm not asleep yet.. That's because I can't wait for tomorrow and I was sleeping in the evening. So, yeah.. Anyway, I got so bored and I design my blog. Its much more interesting and teenager stuffs.. Haha!

The only thing I want to talk about here is getting new chances everyday eventhough your life is full of sorrow and sadness. Everyday is a brand new day. So, start new when you wake up in the morning! Say hello to the sunshine! =)

So, I was in school. Suddenly, a teacher went in and asked us if we heard about a competition. Well, of course not! So, the teacher said that there's gonna be an acting audition for a series called "WAKTU REHAT" on Disney Channel. I straight away raised up my hand and said "I want to enter!!!". So, me and Akmal were the only two from 2 meranti who loves to do these kind of stuffs. And guess what? The prizes and seriously superb! There are;

- getting a PSP!
- getting some other game stuffs
_ and most importantly, getting a chance to ACT IN THAT SERIES!!

Yes, its freaking awesome!!! All I have to do is to play a role from that series. Obviously I'm gonna play Amirah cos she is so like me. Wanted badly to become the most popular girl in school. Like who don't?! Well, the audition is on Tuesday, So, wish me LUCK!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

raya raya raya...

Well, hello there!

Its been a very long time since I updated this blog.. So sorry.. Well, here I am. I'm back. Like the title, I'm gonna talk about raya.. Its already one week of raya, still people come to my house and we went to their house. Hey, it is one month, right? This raya would be the best I think? Yeah, that's because this year I became friendly with everyone, especially this chinese guy that I've been crushing on him a year now.. Hehe.. Last year, I was crazy about him.. When he drank from his glass, I took it as a momentum.. hehe.. Yep, I'm crazy. But this year, a miracle happened. HE TALKED TO ME!!! He has this sexy voice that all the girls are dreaming from every dream guy. He is a dream guy, seriously.. Characteristic:

- He is tall. ( that's because I'm freaking short.. -,-)
- He is seriously nice. ( he gave me his cheesecake eventhough I'm dead full )
- He is smart. ( he studies at HELP )
- He has a sexy body language. ( you don't want to know how I got that )
- He is very fair. ( duhh... he is a chinese )
- He has a very smooth skin. ( even I have a rough skin )

Ok, maybe he is a dream guy after all.. To top it all, when he wanted to go back, he met me and he touched my hand and said 'I've gotta go'. I was seriously starstrucked after that.. The huge problem is, HE'S 20!! Oh well, who says that a 14 year old girl cannot crush on a 20 year old guy?