Thursday, April 8, 2010

eating at school

just now, my teacher did a test how to eat properly. well, at first i did quite well, until akmal begin to talk craps and jokes.. i was like laughing while i was eating!! and in the class were like all boys and only three girls.. but the boys said there's only two girls because they said i act like a guy so i didn't count as a girl.. stupid!! but we went through that together and it was a fun time in the school's kitchen, eating with your friends.. its cool!!

am i wrong?

ok, i maybe i did made a mistake... A HUGE ONE! akmal was right. i should respect other people secrets.. its me,i was just dying to know about his secret. and maybe he is not mad at me. myabe i am the only one who accidentally thought of something else.. damn, i did made a big mistake.. to yap, i am so so sorry .. it was my own fault, i am stupid.