Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breaking In My Comfort Zone..

What does it mean? Usually, they mean being outside the box or something like that,I guess.. Oh well. This is what I actually mean..

I had broke up with Muiz a month ago, I think? Whatever.. So yeah, I thought of being a single lady and be happy. But guess what? I coupled with the guy who I didn't think of doing it.. Afiq. It was quite risky. Duh, he is my second cousin. It all started 12 days ago. It was his B-day. Surprisingly, he called me all day. I just talk to him and all. It was quite weird. Then he asked me if I wanted to be his girl. I answered.. YES! Officialy, I'm his girlfriend. But my family doesn't know anything about this so we are keeping it a secret.

I told Sorayya about it. Can't believe she likes it! She doesn't really approved my previous guys. But this time, she was freaking excited that she made me feeling weird. And so does Akmal. He is so happy about it and always talk about Afiq. Akmal said we really suits each other. Yeah, he's 17 and I'm 14. Awkward..

Then, oh yeah, he gave me this necklace with a pick on it. I really really loved it! I wore it everyday without fail. But, last Friday, I had to go to this dinner. My mom asked me to take off that necklace. I did and I put it in my bag but it was hanging. At the restaurant, I put my bag under the table. I really didn't realize it until I reached my grandmom's house. I was shocked + scared + really really sad. I can't believe I've lost that necklace.

I was so worried and I decided to tell Afiq. I text him that I need to tell something. He called me and I told that the necklace was gone. Yes, I was crying too and end up with a fever. He said, its okay, its only a thing. But, hey, Miss Guilty here! I still can't forgive myself..


Finals In Hand

Hello guys!! Yes, its been a long time since I updated my blog. I've been seriously busy as a student..

Ok, my finals exams is coming closer! For now, just study as hard as I could to get the perfect score for me. Not for the school. Tomorrow will be the first day of the exams. Bahasa Melayu, History and Sivik. Though love.. -.-. Oh well, the finals will end on Monday, 1st November 2010.. I don't really take the last paper seriously. Its only ICT. About computers..

Rumours has it that next year, the teachers will synchronise the pupils in each class. Which means that equal amount of student from three different races will be in each class. I might be kick down to a different class.. To stay in it, I have to make sure that my results are awesome! But, its hard. No doubt. There's a lot of geniuses in that class compared to me, a normal B+ girl.

Lets hope the paper will be easy so easy that I can get full marks or maybe the teachers will read the answers to me only.. Hehehe.. Not gonna happen..
Good Luck to all 2 Merantians!!