Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year!! Hello 2011!

Woah! It has been a crazzzyy year! Seriously! Hahaha! Finally, tonight is the last night for the year 2010.. Aww, I'm so gonna miss 2010! Haha.. Ok, I've finished the new year eve by hanging out with my aunt's friend's son... And he is from Bahamas.. I thought he was fun, but oh well, he is super bored! What a waste of a beautiful end-of-year day.. Shishh, thanks a lot bernard! Hahaha.. Ok, Whatever with that guy..

Ok, resolutions! Wait, I've wrote that earlier in my blog.. Haha.. So not gonna write it again.. I want to be a mature, grown up girl.. Like all the 15-year-old girl should be.. But, I don't know.. I can't actually fake myself.. Its for the best, you know... Haha.. And I don't know what to write here.. Can't wait for 2011, I guess.. Hehe.. I just want the future to get better... More awesome, amazing, crazy kinda crush on you.. Oh wait, that is Nick Jonas's song... Haha..

Actually, a lot of things happened this year.. Good and bad.. To list them all, its freaking too long.. So, to make it shorter, I'll pick the worst and the best thing that happened.. First thing first, the best things... Ok, hmm, let me see.. Oh well, I'll just rate them though...

Best things..

1. Our drama team got number 1 in the drama competition, but lost in the finals.. Oh well, that was awesome though especially I got to play the oppposite sex..

2. Hmm, oh yeah, my class got to do a performance for the Independence day.. It was beyond awesome.. Had a lot of friends, done crazy stuff..

3. Being my own cousin's girl friend.. Haha.. That was epic.. Really!!

4. Went to a camp! That was like freaking cool!

5. Had a great time learning guitar with a seriously sweet teacher.. He is so talented and he is super amazing.. ( Yeah, I fell for him once, Hehe.. Naughty student.. )

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moulin Rouge And Me?

Ok, something is kinda wrong today.. =(

I've been watching Moulin Rouge for like twice or more and never got tired of it.. Well, at least that's fine.. But what is not fine is me hearing of the songs!! OMG?! What is happening to me?! Like seriously?! But, I admit, the songs are super awesome and such a beautiful love song.. My fave? SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR, NO WORDS IN THE VERNACULAR, CAN'T DESCRIBE THIS GREAT EVENT, YOU'LL BE DUMB WITH WONDERMENT!! I don't know how I became super addicted to that movie.. My mom had told about this movie like a long time ago just I can't imagine how fun is the movie is!

Satine is a courtesan... Works in a Moulin Rouge.. So fun! Then she met, Christian (hottie much!) and fell in love when Christian pretend he was the duke.. Aww.. Then the real duke became really really jealous between this sweet lovers.. And too bad, Satine had a disease.. She was dying.. At last, she died in Christian's arm.. They didn't even get the chance to do the curtain call!! Pity them.. I cried, ok? Hahah.. Whatever it is, it is an amazing movie!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Every night Is A Fairytale..

Hee.. =).. Such a sweet title..

Ok, I admit. Being with him is like the time of my lives.. Like Demi was with Joe, Nick was with Miley and so on.. So does me. Me with Afiq.. He's like a star that shines the lonely, dark night.. Since I became his girl, I began to like literature.. Don't ask why cos I don't know either.. So, since we can only meet once a year, officialy, we do something else.. Like, webcam, texting, and my fave, calling..

Well, his voice is like a music.. Well, not really, haha.. He's a funny guy, knows how to make me laugh like crazy.. He has a lot sense of humour.. Love him so much.. Like I said to him, I can't afford to lose him by any chance... He's one in a million! Eventhough next year would be kinda awkward.. That is because he would be 18 and I'm 15? Hello! Awkward much.. But he said, age don't matter in love.. Yeah, maybe he's right.. Hope so.. He so loyal that sometimes I feel really guilty.. Hmm, not sure why I felt that..

If a person ask me what is my favourite memory in 2010, I'll say Karak! Love that time! Love the person in that memory too! ;-).. Well, that is the most beautiful time too.. Duh.. Hahaha.. He is the most perfect guy I've ever met in my whole life.. Good thing my family doesn't have a clue.. Hehehe... So naughty.. Oh well, GTG! Ciao!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life As A Real Girl..

Hehehe.. I began to love the title for nothing.. +.+

Well, let me tell you something when you are in my shoes.. Not in my crocs or something..

I'm just a normal girl.. Well, not really.. People think I'm crazy, sick, pretty, stupid, smart, evil, nice, sweet, pretty and all.. But underneath all that, I'm just a girl.. Its kinda weird when you came from a family that has a lot of mixtures, for example, my dad is half chinese, half malay and half arab.. For me, that's a lot.. Yeah sure, my grandmom is a pretty old lady.. And she's old.. Haha.. I'm such a bad granddaughter.. So, my dad looks like a chinese.. Too bad, I am the only one who looks like an arab.. And guess what? If people don't know me, they might be mistaken and thought that I am a Christian or a half american, but surely not a Malay.. Hahah.. Its real funny to see them figure out..

In my small girls days, I always wanted to be famous.. And I had became a seriously girlish girl.. You know, the all-pink girl?? Its just a-matter-of-factly disgusting! That wasn't me.. Then I know.. All I have to do is to find the true inner me.. And I found it when I became a teenager.. I am actually a funny and a crazy girl.. Yes, I am loud. REAL loud.. All the pink-girls always think that I'm weird.. But who the hell cares?! Its just me.. I don't fake like most of the girls did.. Trust me, I don't really like that kind of life anymore... I'm a hardcore on the outside, a softy on the inside.. But I don't really like showing the softy side of me.. But, the truth is, being myself is what that kept me really interesting and making all the people wants to know the real me.. I'm COMPLICATED!!


Real Resolution ( More Like A Little Bit Early )

Hey hey!

Its been a real long time since I updated my bloggie.. Haha.. Oh well, I've been seriously B to the U to the S to the Y.. Haha.. Yeah, with a lot of stuff.. Finally finished my Form 2, yeahh!! Not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing.. Answer? Both.. And my love life? Is just great.. He's the best damn thing that my eyes had ever seen! So, yeah..

Ok, this year is like FINALLY coming to an end.. YEAH! New year! New me! New BF? Hahah.. Not a chance.. I'm gonna make my realtionship with my sweetheart last real long.. Not a fake one that I used to have.. Oh well, what's past is the past, right? But sometimes, things will go out of hand without we noticing it... Its true.. Sometimes, we will gonna repeat the damn past again.. But hopefully, I won't..

I made a promised to myself.. Next year, I'm gonna be mature! Not a little girl anymore! And I'm going to prove it, trust me.. And I'll never be unfaithful. Well, actually, trying to be faithful is real hard but I don't know when it comes to him, I am dedicated to stay with him. <3.. One thing about him, he's like the music notes that completes my sheet music.. Woah, I am so romantic.. Haha..

So, next year, I'll be 15.. Three letters, P-M-R!! That is what scares me the most.. Huhuhu.. But that's ok.. With a little help from everyone and especially from myself, I can do it! yeah! My brother got 8A's.. Congrats to you bro! But, next year, its my turn to rock... Well, hope so.. Err..