Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life As A Real Girl..

Hehehe.. I began to love the title for nothing.. +.+

Well, let me tell you something when you are in my shoes.. Not in my crocs or something..

I'm just a normal girl.. Well, not really.. People think I'm crazy, sick, pretty, stupid, smart, evil, nice, sweet, pretty and all.. But underneath all that, I'm just a girl.. Its kinda weird when you came from a family that has a lot of mixtures, for example, my dad is half chinese, half malay and half arab.. For me, that's a lot.. Yeah sure, my grandmom is a pretty old lady.. And she's old.. Haha.. I'm such a bad granddaughter.. So, my dad looks like a chinese.. Too bad, I am the only one who looks like an arab.. And guess what? If people don't know me, they might be mistaken and thought that I am a Christian or a half american, but surely not a Malay.. Hahah.. Its real funny to see them figure out..

In my small girls days, I always wanted to be famous.. And I had became a seriously girlish girl.. You know, the all-pink girl?? Its just a-matter-of-factly disgusting! That wasn't me.. Then I know.. All I have to do is to find the true inner me.. And I found it when I became a teenager.. I am actually a funny and a crazy girl.. Yes, I am loud. REAL loud.. All the pink-girls always think that I'm weird.. But who the hell cares?! Its just me.. I don't fake like most of the girls did.. Trust me, I don't really like that kind of life anymore... I'm a hardcore on the outside, a softy on the inside.. But I don't really like showing the softy side of me.. But, the truth is, being myself is what that kept me really interesting and making all the people wants to know the real me.. I'm COMPLICATED!!


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