Friday, September 24, 2010

New Chances..

Hey hey!!!

Hahhh.. Its been a long day and yet I'm not asleep yet.. That's because I can't wait for tomorrow and I was sleeping in the evening. So, yeah.. Anyway, I got so bored and I design my blog. Its much more interesting and teenager stuffs.. Haha!

The only thing I want to talk about here is getting new chances everyday eventhough your life is full of sorrow and sadness. Everyday is a brand new day. So, start new when you wake up in the morning! Say hello to the sunshine! =)

So, I was in school. Suddenly, a teacher went in and asked us if we heard about a competition. Well, of course not! So, the teacher said that there's gonna be an acting audition for a series called "WAKTU REHAT" on Disney Channel. I straight away raised up my hand and said "I want to enter!!!". So, me and Akmal were the only two from 2 meranti who loves to do these kind of stuffs. And guess what? The prizes and seriously superb! There are;

- getting a PSP!
- getting some other game stuffs
_ and most importantly, getting a chance to ACT IN THAT SERIES!!

Yes, its freaking awesome!!! All I have to do is to play a role from that series. Obviously I'm gonna play Amirah cos she is so like me. Wanted badly to become the most popular girl in school. Like who don't?! Well, the audition is on Tuesday, So, wish me LUCK!!