Sunday, December 26, 2010

Real Resolution ( More Like A Little Bit Early )

Hey hey!

Its been a real long time since I updated my bloggie.. Haha.. Oh well, I've been seriously B to the U to the S to the Y.. Haha.. Yeah, with a lot of stuff.. Finally finished my Form 2, yeahh!! Not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing.. Answer? Both.. And my love life? Is just great.. He's the best damn thing that my eyes had ever seen! So, yeah..

Ok, this year is like FINALLY coming to an end.. YEAH! New year! New me! New BF? Hahah.. Not a chance.. I'm gonna make my realtionship with my sweetheart last real long.. Not a fake one that I used to have.. Oh well, what's past is the past, right? But sometimes, things will go out of hand without we noticing it... Its true.. Sometimes, we will gonna repeat the damn past again.. But hopefully, I won't..

I made a promised to myself.. Next year, I'm gonna be mature! Not a little girl anymore! And I'm going to prove it, trust me.. And I'll never be unfaithful. Well, actually, trying to be faithful is real hard but I don't know when it comes to him, I am dedicated to stay with him. <3.. One thing about him, he's like the music notes that completes my sheet music.. Woah, I am so romantic.. Haha..

So, next year, I'll be 15.. Three letters, P-M-R!! That is what scares me the most.. Huhuhu.. But that's ok.. With a little help from everyone and especially from myself, I can do it! yeah! My brother got 8A's.. Congrats to you bro! But, next year, its my turn to rock... Well, hope so.. Err..


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