Monday, July 19, 2010

rockstar in making.. hehe..

whats up?!
hey again! its been a crazy day because some boys in my class were disturbing me.. Like what the hell?! But i'm not here to talk about my day.. I'm going to talk about my only interest, which is not boys.. Its music. Music have been in this world for like forever since anyone could remember. From the classic Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and many more who wrote classic song to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and more. Yes, music is life. Music is also a way of people expressing their feelings inside that they cannot express it through their mouth. So, they wrote something that is called lyrics. After that, they began to make their own music, tried to play piano, guitar, drums and all. So, they began to sing their song everytime they feel sad, happy, depressed that depends on their melody. And, hey presto! A song is made.. Writing a song is so easy. First, you just have to understand what you feel on something like you love that guy. So, write a song about that guy that you're crushing on. Isn't it easy?! Second, try to play one or two musical instruments. It helps you to write your song easy with a melody. Third, invent you're own melody. Go find some music notes or a piece of paper. Lastly, rock that song out! Rock it in your room, sing it to your friends and family, perform it infront of all people or just put it on youtube. Voila! You're a rockstar! For me, I already wrote a song about me and .... It turns out to be awesome! I wish that my guitar teacher would love that song when i played it tomorrow. Just can't wait!! Hey, I'm a rockstar in making, right?!

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