Tuesday, July 20, 2010


oh yeah!!!
Remember I said I wrote a song? Oh yeah! I just played it to my teacher.. And guess what he said? He likes it!! Oh my god, I just can't believe it! My first song ever wrote.. Thank you experience! Seriously, according to my teacher, that was a great song written by amature.. The song, I don't have the title yet.. That's weird.. I don't have a title for my song.. Hmm.. Gonna Find it later. And another thing I'm excited about is there's another german guy at school!! And he is so hot! He's tall and has cute brown eyes.. Amazing.. He's totally cute.. Maybe I'm having a new-cute-german-guy-in-school syndrome again, I guess? Because I already having it when Simon came in the school.. Well, too bad he's gone now. I miss him alot. Back to the new german guy, he looked at me and said "hye"! I was starstrucked.. Let's just think that he would be close to me..

Goodbye Raoul, Hello Cute German Guy!!

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