Tuesday, April 13, 2010

treasure hunting..

today is a cool day for me. that's because i had a treasure hunting competition at school.. me, syiro, oya and syera were so excited like mad. when i mean mad, i mean it literally.. so, they all came to my house to have a rest first. then we ate so much until full. then i said 'hey, its already 2.35!'. and we all freaked out and ran from my house to school. its a good thing that my house is so near to the school. imagine if my house is so far.. oh well. we made it! while waiting for our turn, we did crazy stuff in APD room (not sure what APD means..). we were like laughing and playing and dancing, IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER! but the teacher just laughed and the other group was like looking at us. LOL! then, its show time! we did it great and i wasted my time finding a book called 'THE EYES OF BLIND'(stupid title!) by Alison Morgan. and i spent like 10 minutes searching for that book. and syiro came. we search for it, i saw a book with a name, Morgan. I was like, 'Morgan, Morgan.. OMG, its Alison Morgan!!' i took out and we're done!! oh yeah! whatever it is, GO TEAM MYSTIQUE!!

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