Friday, April 16, 2010

does that count as a date?

Hmm.. Yeseterday i went out to meet my German friend, Simon. So, the day before i was chatting with him on Facebook and i asked him if i can meet him. He said yeah and we met at KFC(like that's the only place we can meet..). So, we were talking about almost everything we did at school, how our life become and more. Sometimes i do feel like its kinda like a date but its not. DUH... While we were talking, suddenly my friend, Kak tasha, Yin ying, Ayeen and Yap came to us. one by one. God! that is so irratating.. UGHH!! But I kinda like it when Yap came and talk to me. I was so scared if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.. But he did! Yayy! So, I thought of going home at 5, but just like friends that didn't meet for one year, I went back at nearly 6. Hehe. I had a great time hanging out with Simon and too bad he's going back to Berlin on August. So gonna miss him..


What's up? Oh my god, i just found out that my team Mystique is the WINNER for the Treasure Hunt Competition!! WOHOO!! We rocked it out... adn we beat a form 5 team. I mean, how cool is that? I was so proud of them that I screamed out loud at the library after found out that OFFICIALY we won. and on Monday we will be getting a prize of our own and all of the student will like, 'Go Mystique!'. love that.. anyway, you guys are the best!! XOXO