Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senorita Sufiah...

Hey! What's up?!

Ok, I'm feeling kind of sick but a little bit psycho.. So, conclusion, sick-o.. I've got tons of nick names but I don't want to talk about my stupid nicknames that my beloved friends gave me...

Senorita... I'm referring to SENIOR.. Hey, I'm a girl.. So, it is suppose to be SENORITA.. Like whatever then.. Haha.. So, I met this group of Form 1's.. (I'm form 3!).. Me and my peeps were having our recess when these girls were rude to us.. Akmal was saying something and suddenly the rudest among them was being real rude! Gosh, they were like juniors and all of us were senior.. Where is the respect?!

So, as the days goes by, me and Sorayya were dying to tell them of! Then came this fateful day that both of us were telling them to respect someone older than them.. Since then, non of them dared to talk to us.. Not even look inside our eyes.. How's that for respect?!

But, not all juniors are mean and rude.. If they are mean and rude, they will stay that way.. But, for the nice one, its a lot different.. I mean it, A LOT..

For example, just now, my drama club held an audition.. So, I'm one of the judges.. Haha... Then, there's this group of Form 1's.. After two contestants, I became bored and went to the place where the kids were hanging out before they were called.. I met this girl, Badrica.. Yeah, she's pretty.. She has this Chinese-Arab mix... Just like moi.. So, surprisingly, both of us get along together.. Then, she called me her soul sister.. Aww, I'm so touched.. Hehehe..

So, like I said, small ones have to respect the big ones in order to get the big ones to respect you.. Or else, it will turn out bad.. I mean it.. And I don't kid about respect! Oh yeah..