Friday, April 23, 2010

pizza party baby!!

hey hey!!

This evening I'm going to my uncle's house for homemade-pizza party! Oh yeah! This is gonna be a blast! He's gonna do some pizzas and we're gonna eat it. Oh, what I mean we is my family, me and my aunt's family.. Huhh.. Hanging out with them are awesome like seriously.. But, tomorrow I've to go this competition. Great.. -.-.. And my turn is the second?! That is so early! huhuhu.. WHY??! But the ustaz was like 'Yeah, you were great. But you have to read it ala arab..'. I was like 'HUH?!'. So whatever.. And my grandmother will not be there! Wohhoo!! Holller! More updates about this crazy pizza party..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

staying home...


Yeah, I'm at home and I am so bored!! Just because I'm sick and had to stay at home.. At school, I have my lovely friends that are always making me happy and yet crazy. Eventhough I just didn't meet them for 1 day, I still miss them a lot! Now I know having a friend is very special to me! Especially when they love you.. And one more thing is about my grandmother. She asked me to enter this competition which I don't want to enter! But she still forcing me and wants to take me to the competition this evening. God! I don't want to go. Ok, my only problem is, I cannot say no to someone who is much much older than me. I just feel wrong and not suppose to be rude. Hey, I'm a nice girl, ok? But at the same time its eating myself alive. I just don't want to go! Why is it so hard to say no to her? Why does my cousin can say no!!



I was asleep this evening because of that cold. But how do I got a dream in the evening? Well, its a scary-funny-romantic-amazing dream! Ok, firstly I was at my school and there were like a lot of people there. More than the school kids.. So, I was like "OOKk..". Then I took a walk around the school to find out. Suddenly I saw Yap with a sunglasses, black shirt, and a blood pattern on his hand which he already showed me, REAL LIFE! So, I came to him as he was holdingg something. This is the dialog in my dream:

Me: Hey, what is that?
Yap: What do you want to see?
Me: I wanna see you.. -.-
Yap: Sure.

Ok, that dialog is so awkward! Like seriously. So back to the dream, we went walking at the canteen where I saw all the Form 4 students are wearing the same thing as Yap. That is so totally weird! I was wondering what was happening until I saw many cameramen in one corner. Then, I got a shock when I saw the Jonas Brothers are there, IN MY SCHOOL! Suddenly, I don't know how, Nick called me.. I sat with them and laughed. Its really cool if only its true..

After talking to them, me and Yap still walking until I noticed all the people were missing. Including Yap. This makes me more and more curious. I heard a loud BOOM! It was actually a Tranformer?! Ok, officialy that is the craziest dream ever. Why there's Yap wearing like a terminator, Jonas Brothers and Transformers in my dream?! Then I don't remember. But still it is the craziest dream ever!!

sick and so scared...


Arghh!! I'm feeling sick today.. Firstly, I feel dizzy yesterday. Then today, I had a cold. A very bad one! I hate cold coz it makes you uncomfortable. Trust me, I know how it feels.. -.-. And the worst part is, my school is already got hit by a very dangerous disease called.. H1NI!!! That sickness like the most craziest sick ever got hit. There's already like 2 people in my school got H1N1. And supposedly the school got closed but the headmistress of the school didn't want to close it because she wants the her students to catch the syllabus! Does she wanted her students to die just to catch that syllabus?! And the class where the students got
H1N1 is not attending the school. Like what?! That is so not fair!! But the teachers are really scared bout this sickness. I told my teacher that i have a flu and the teacher was like 'Oh, you have to go back". Like what?! So i just stay at school. And now I heve this bad cold because I didn't wear my mask! haha!! My bad ok? Now i have to make sure that i don't have any of that H1N1 disease! I have to make sure I am in a good state of health..

see ya!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok, yesterday I got a fight with a guy at my class. We were at the school's library and he was disturbing me! What I did was shout at his face. So, when I was walking out of the library, he threw a book at ME (he is seriously dead!)!! I got so mad and I took a book near me and threw him back. But, it didn't hit him.. shishh!! So, I was like 'Whatever!' and stormed out. Before I could do that, he came running to me and punch me on my SHOULDERS! That was a serious hit! And it hurts! After we got out, I called him 'FAT'(hey, that wasn't as rough as a guy hitting a girl, ok?). So, I went back with Akmal. When i thought everything's over, actually its not.. I said goodbye to Akmal and went back straight away. BUT, he suddenly called me and cross the road just to see me?! Ok, that is so weird. He came up to me and asked me, here's the dialog:

DANIAL: hey, does it hurts?
ME: well, just a little but its cool.. why?
DANIAL: look, i'm sorry i hit you.
ME: OOOKK, but why did you hit me?
DANIAL:.. because there's no other girl i can do that..

So, after that it ended, WAIT, not really. The thing that happened after that is really sweet. I called him and he looked back at me and i gave him a smile and he smiled back.. aww.. for a guy who hit me, he's not that bad.. <3

new song in process

hey hey hey!!

I have an amazing thing to write! Today i went to my guitar class. Then, like of course, i learned how to play it (and so getting better!). After finished learning, my teahcher asked me if I already wrote any lyrics, and I said 'YEAH'. The teacher then asked me if I already have the chords and I said no. So here comes the BIG news!! My teacher said he can give me some chords and help me to write an REAL SONG (with melody and music..)! And, yeah, I am really excited about next week! I am now writing some awesome lyrics from my experience.. Its sad, don't ask. So, i have to wait for next week and Sufiah song's will be complete and can't wait to play it to my family and loved ones!!

(credits to JONAS BROTHERS cos i was watching LIVING THE DREAM - WE ARE OUR SONG. What they said was really, really true! so got inspired from that!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

does that count as a date?

Hmm.. Yeseterday i went out to meet my German friend, Simon. So, the day before i was chatting with him on Facebook and i asked him if i can meet him. He said yeah and we met at KFC(like that's the only place we can meet..). So, we were talking about almost everything we did at school, how our life become and more. Sometimes i do feel like its kinda like a date but its not. DUH... While we were talking, suddenly my friend, Kak tasha, Yin ying, Ayeen and Yap came to us. one by one. God! that is so irratating.. UGHH!! But I kinda like it when Yap came and talk to me. I was so scared if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.. But he did! Yayy! So, I thought of going home at 5, but just like friends that didn't meet for one year, I went back at nearly 6. Hehe. I had a great time hanging out with Simon and too bad he's going back to Berlin on August. So gonna miss him..


What's up? Oh my god, i just found out that my team Mystique is the WINNER for the Treasure Hunt Competition!! WOHOO!! We rocked it out... adn we beat a form 5 team. I mean, how cool is that? I was so proud of them that I screamed out loud at the library after found out that OFFICIALY we won. and on Monday we will be getting a prize of our own and all of the student will like, 'Go Mystique!'. love that.. anyway, you guys are the best!! XOXO

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i love my chicken!!

yeah that'sme with a cute chicken doll!! can't help it but kiss it..

treasure hunting..

today is a cool day for me. that's because i had a treasure hunting competition at school.. me, syiro, oya and syera were so excited like mad. when i mean mad, i mean it literally.. so, they all came to my house to have a rest first. then we ate so much until full. then i said 'hey, its already 2.35!'. and we all freaked out and ran from my house to school. its a good thing that my house is so near to the school. imagine if my house is so far.. oh well. we made it! while waiting for our turn, we did crazy stuff in APD room (not sure what APD means..). we were like laughing and playing and dancing, IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER! but the teacher just laughed and the other group was like looking at us. LOL! then, its show time! we did it great and i wasted my time finding a book called 'THE EYES OF BLIND'(stupid title!) by Alison Morgan. and i spent like 10 minutes searching for that book. and syiro came. we search for it, i saw a book with a name, Morgan. I was like, 'Morgan, Morgan.. OMG, its Alison Morgan!!' i took out and we're done!! oh yeah! whatever it is, GO TEAM MYSTIQUE!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

oldies vs new hits??

well, this morning i went to school (like duh..). so instead disscussing about boring school works (and eating sushi in class), me and akmal were talking about old songs like 'oops, i did it again'. akmal said something about old songs that made me realise like 'oh yeah, that is so true'. anyway, i think old osngs like 'yesterday' sung by the beatles are so hit because they are so seriously!! ask any old guys out there and they will like' that song is amazing!'. really, those songs are amazing. no doubt on that. but even the new hits like 'baby' is cool cos that made all of us sing it like a crazy person...

tough day!!

i am so happy cos i already finished my sivik folio all by myself!! imagine the deadline is tomorrow and you only got today to finished it? woah! today was kinda tough day for me cos lets see, umm, oh yeah, i didn't finish my group work so as usual i got all the blame and have to do it. but somehow i finished it! and there's this two guys suddenly wanted to chat with me, and i was like 'what in the world do they think i'm doing?!'. but i still chat with them, stupid! but yeah, at least it burns out my tension on that folio.. oh well, sometimes something that bothers you is the thing you need it now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

at nurin's birthday party

that is my sister and me!! we got so bored in the car that we took a picture together! trust me, i can easily got bored...

what's up??

hey!! happy weekend.. during weekends like this, i usually hangout nowhere but in front of the computer... hey, that's my life.. but i do play the guitar.. love to play least now i can play my fave songs!! YAYY!! i hope that i will continue playing it no matter what! love ya!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

eating at school

just now, my teacher did a test how to eat properly. well, at first i did quite well, until akmal begin to talk craps and jokes.. i was like laughing while i was eating!! and in the class were like all boys and only three girls.. but the boys said there's only two girls because they said i act like a guy so i didn't count as a girl.. stupid!! but we went through that together and it was a fun time in the school's kitchen, eating with your friends.. its cool!!

am i wrong?

ok, i maybe i did made a mistake... A HUGE ONE! akmal was right. i should respect other people secrets.. its me,i was just dying to know about his secret. and maybe he is not mad at me. myabe i am the only one who accidentally thought of something else.. damn, i did made a big mistake.. to yap, i am so so sorry .. it was my own fault, i am stupid.