Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Act, Sing, Love

Hey, what's up?!

Act, sing, love? What is that you're asking? Its three different adverb accept for love that is.. Today, I'm gonna tell you about it one by one. Starting from acting..

This afternoon, I went to a audition. Its an acting audition. At first I thought it was only a piece of blueberry cheesecake ( nyumm!), but actually its hard. I can't believe it I freaked few hours before the audition. I was like "hey, I'm in the school's drama team and there's nothing to be scared of" but trust me, it didn't work at all.. So, the audition came. I acted as a school's belle named Amirah. I had to act twice cos once with Venecca and another one is with Akmal. It was cool. Makes it better when Muiz was there. There's nothing happening between me and him ok? So, I have to wait for about 1 month for the results.. Hahh.. One done, two more two go..

What about singing? This is only a plan which is not confirmed yet.. And I wish it would be confirmed as soon as possible.. Just now, I went to my guitar class. My teacher taught me how to play "WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING". Then, he told me that this December, maybe, just maybe, there's gonna be a tea party at Zeborah Putra Heights. He said he wanted me to perform one of the song there if its confirmed. I was like " OMG! Performing with a band and I'm with a guitar?! I nearly shouted but I controlled myslef. But seriously?! For a tea party, that is one of the steps to performing as a pro! Just can't wait... Haha!

Love, well, I've been writing it like always.. WTV! I did said that during my audition, Muiz was there. I just don't understand myself. I thought I'm already done with him but why am I treating him like he was my BF? I just don't understand it. I told Afiq that I love him, and that was okey. But Muiz? He's a guy that I can't let go easily. Seriously! Looks like I have to find a way to let go of him slowly.. Wish me luck for the three things!!


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