Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok, yesterday I got a fight with a guy at my class. We were at the school's library and he was disturbing me! What I did was shout at his face. So, when I was walking out of the library, he threw a book at ME (he is seriously dead!)!! I got so mad and I took a book near me and threw him back. But, it didn't hit him.. shishh!! So, I was like 'Whatever!' and stormed out. Before I could do that, he came running to me and punch me on my SHOULDERS! That was a serious hit! And it hurts! After we got out, I called him 'FAT'(hey, that wasn't as rough as a guy hitting a girl, ok?). So, I went back with Akmal. When i thought everything's over, actually its not.. I said goodbye to Akmal and went back straight away. BUT, he suddenly called me and cross the road just to see me?! Ok, that is so weird. He came up to me and asked me, here's the dialog:

DANIAL: hey, does it hurts?
ME: well, just a little but its cool.. why?
DANIAL: look, i'm sorry i hit you.
ME: OOOKK, but why did you hit me?
DANIAL:.. because there's no other girl i can do that..

So, after that it ended, WAIT, not really. The thing that happened after that is really sweet. I called him and he looked back at me and i gave him a smile and he smiled back.. aww.. for a guy who hit me, he's not that bad.. <3

new song in process

hey hey hey!!

I have an amazing thing to write! Today i went to my guitar class. Then, like of course, i learned how to play it (and so getting better!). After finished learning, my teahcher asked me if I already wrote any lyrics, and I said 'YEAH'. The teacher then asked me if I already have the chords and I said no. So here comes the BIG news!! My teacher said he can give me some chords and help me to write an REAL SONG (with melody and music..)! And, yeah, I am really excited about next week! I am now writing some awesome lyrics from my experience.. Its sad, don't ask. So, i have to wait for next week and Sufiah song's will be complete and can't wait to play it to my family and loved ones!!

(credits to JONAS BROTHERS cos i was watching LIVING THE DREAM - WE ARE OUR SONG. What they said was really, really true! so got inspired from that!)