Thursday, August 5, 2010


No, its not Jordin Sparks's song. Its me. Like the lyrics says, "Why does love always feel like battlefield...." Its true. That's because I already (finally) have a true guy. He's nice and most important he loves me. But just now...
I had a drama practice but I didn't know until Hannan told me. Before that Faizal invited me to go to KFC. And I was like, okay. I asked my bf to go with me and he said yes. So, when I got to school, Kak Tasha said the drama practice was actually 2.30. I had no choice and asked the boys to come to school. So, surprisingly they came. But I had to go to drama practice and I asked my teacher to leave early. And I did. But the boys were already at KFC and I had to go there. -.-
When I got there, they were talking normally. Suddenly, as soon I sat down, the boys started to ask me sorts of questions. I was like, huh? I just got there. And sweetly my bf bought me a drink. So sweet!
We began to talk and Arif asked Muiz why did he asked Syiro to be his gf? I was thinking he was seriously jealous. And Arif began to make Muiz jealous. Is it me or Arif is seriously stupid?! I felt so annoying.
Then we went back, me and Muiz. Arif and his twin-friend tried to catch us. Fortunately for both of us, Faizal and Faris followed us at the back. They told us not to use the easy road cos it will cause so much trouble. So, we went the back way. But Arif still can catch us. They asked me to go back home and that time I was scared. Scared if anything happens to Muiz.
After a few minutes, Muiz called me and said that he's fine. I was kinda relieve but actually not. I thought Amir was the bad guy, but actually he's not. He's on my side. But Arif... Damn, he's evil! I didn't thought that Arif could be so jealous. I mean he's my friend and why would he do that?


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