Saturday, September 18, 2010

raya raya raya...

Well, hello there!

Its been a very long time since I updated this blog.. So sorry.. Well, here I am. I'm back. Like the title, I'm gonna talk about raya.. Its already one week of raya, still people come to my house and we went to their house. Hey, it is one month, right? This raya would be the best I think? Yeah, that's because this year I became friendly with everyone, especially this chinese guy that I've been crushing on him a year now.. Hehe.. Last year, I was crazy about him.. When he drank from his glass, I took it as a momentum.. hehe.. Yep, I'm crazy. But this year, a miracle happened. HE TALKED TO ME!!! He has this sexy voice that all the girls are dreaming from every dream guy. He is a dream guy, seriously.. Characteristic:

- He is tall. ( that's because I'm freaking short.. -,-)
- He is seriously nice. ( he gave me his cheesecake eventhough I'm dead full )
- He is smart. ( he studies at HELP )
- He has a sexy body language. ( you don't want to know how I got that )
- He is very fair. ( duhh... he is a chinese )
- He has a very smooth skin. ( even I have a rough skin )

Ok, maybe he is a dream guy after all.. To top it all, when he wanted to go back, he met me and he touched my hand and said 'I've gotta go'. I was seriously starstrucked after that.. The huge problem is, HE'S 20!! Oh well, who says that a 14 year old girl cannot crush on a 20 year old guy?