Friday, July 30, 2010

graphic lab...

hey, what's up?
Since last week, I spent my time, actually the whole school time, in the graphic lab. Hey, I'm not skipping any class, ok? Fine, I did! Haha! Whatever. I was helping my peeps to finish their school project called Bp myScience. I am honoured to help them, That's what friends are for, right? Syiro, Akmal, Bhavey and Kang were the ones that is supposed to finish it, I just help them to perfect it. Its awesome. Just imagine that if the school won and I helped, Wow! I helped? That is so cool. I bring the proudness in myself... Oh yeah, edin helped to do the Solar Boat. At last that thing finally works!!!
GTG, have to do somthing...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my pics!!


Ok, there's a girl in my school that is freaking crazy!! Ok, shs has a boyfriend and apparently her boyfriend is in my class and my friend too. So,me and him is like kinda close but just friends. But, she thought I was having an affair with her bf. Like what? I'd rather have a fat, black guy as my bf.. Gosh, how could she think of that when I have nothing to do with that guy! Jealous much? Oh, and her friends are freaking like her. If anyone knows them.. Well... What I found out today is I found out that someone had wrote in her formspring that I tried to snatch her guy.. That anynomous little rat is going to get it from me!! And how could she/he wrote that my best friend would write something like that? Ok, they are dead!!

Hate em'..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

crush or not to crush

Huhh.. Life has been hard and easy.. What kind of statement is that?!
Whatever.. Anyway, my life has always been normal. Being a normal girl is cool. Really, sometimes you feel like you're a loser but sometimes you feel you're the greatest person on earth. Hey, that's normal. You only feel that when someone gives you attention. You will feel happy and then irritated.. trust me. I know how it feels.. When bad boys started to say your name, giving you love languages.. Ugh.. There's one guy that i met during my drama competition, Raoul. Well, he's a great actor. But I didn't meant to fall for him. Then , he gave me his phone number. I was like ok.. Then, he started to text me some love poems taht i think he took it from a fairytale book. Its like sweet-nonsense things. I like it but at the same time I hate it. Its like he calling me a princess, tried to steal my heart.. Like what? Its like weird you know. His poems are sweet but too bad I didn't fall for him. He's 17!! He keeps texting me until now. I just go with the flow. I don't want to take the risk to hurt him. Coz I'm a heartbreaker, baby!! Hahaha!!

See ya again..


oh yeah!!!
Remember I said I wrote a song? Oh yeah! I just played it to my teacher.. And guess what he said? He likes it!! Oh my god, I just can't believe it! My first song ever wrote.. Thank you experience! Seriously, according to my teacher, that was a great song written by amature.. The song, I don't have the title yet.. That's weird.. I don't have a title for my song.. Hmm.. Gonna Find it later. And another thing I'm excited about is there's another german guy at school!! And he is so hot! He's tall and has cute brown eyes.. Amazing.. He's totally cute.. Maybe I'm having a new-cute-german-guy-in-school syndrome again, I guess? Because I already having it when Simon came in the school.. Well, too bad he's gone now. I miss him alot. Back to the new german guy, he looked at me and said "hye"! I was starstrucked.. Let's just think that he would be close to me..

Goodbye Raoul, Hello Cute German Guy!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

rockstar in making.. hehe..

whats up?!
hey again! its been a crazy day because some boys in my class were disturbing me.. Like what the hell?! But i'm not here to talk about my day.. I'm going to talk about my only interest, which is not boys.. Its music. Music have been in this world for like forever since anyone could remember. From the classic Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and many more who wrote classic song to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and more. Yes, music is life. Music is also a way of people expressing their feelings inside that they cannot express it through their mouth. So, they wrote something that is called lyrics. After that, they began to make their own music, tried to play piano, guitar, drums and all. So, they began to sing their song everytime they feel sad, happy, depressed that depends on their melody. And, hey presto! A song is made.. Writing a song is so easy. First, you just have to understand what you feel on something like you love that guy. So, write a song about that guy that you're crushing on. Isn't it easy?! Second, try to play one or two musical instruments. It helps you to write your song easy with a melody. Third, invent you're own melody. Go find some music notes or a piece of paper. Lastly, rock that song out! Rock it in your room, sing it to your friends and family, perform it infront of all people or just put it on youtube. Voila! You're a rockstar! For me, I already wrote a song about me and .... It turns out to be awesome! I wish that my guitar teacher would love that song when i played it tomorrow. Just can't wait!! Hey, I'm a rockstar in making, right?!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

love life sucks!!

hey again.. in this post, you will know why i'm sort of moody these days.. i'm not having any crisis ok?!
Like I said in the previous post, being a teenager is tough.. The fact is, it is. Everyone that is teens must experience something called falling in L.O.V.E. For me, love life had been hard. First, the guy I love the most finally confessed that he loves a girl in his class. That really broke me into pieces. Its a good thing I didn't cry when he said that. Oh yeah, I'm a strong girl. Nah, actually I'm seriously weak! After that, I promised myself not to fall in love again. As you can see clearly, love only makes you hurt. Its great to be single and have friends, NORMAL friends. Friends that you know you won't fall in love with. Friends that you know that always be with you no matter what. Everytime you feel like you are at the lowest point of gravity, you will realise that you have to be strong and make yourself stand-up for yourself. Its not easy to heal when you had fallen in love with someone you know for quite a time. Well, that's what I learn from my exeprience. And trust me, getting in love is so easy but when you want to leave it will be very very hard...
So, be smart at choosing your own life.. =)

again and again

hey! omigosh! it seems like a long time since a posted my last post.. the reason is because my life is getting worse everyday.. trust me, its true.. being a teenager is hard and crazy. its like a million things happens in one second!! its insane. but it also teaches me how to survive when you get much mature and older.. coz the older you get, the harder your life will be.. that's what i know so far.. ughh.. hate being an adult.. i think being a little kid is SO MUCH EASIER than being who i am now.. but i'm happy with everything i got.. like nick jonas said;

"but you don't know what you've got until its gone,
and you don't know what its like to feel so low,
and everytime you smile you laugh you glow,
you don't even know.."

fyi, keep happy!!