Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year!! Hello 2011!

Woah! It has been a crazzzyy year! Seriously! Hahaha! Finally, tonight is the last night for the year 2010.. Aww, I'm so gonna miss 2010! Haha.. Ok, I've finished the new year eve by hanging out with my aunt's friend's son... And he is from Bahamas.. I thought he was fun, but oh well, he is super bored! What a waste of a beautiful end-of-year day.. Shishh, thanks a lot bernard! Hahaha.. Ok, Whatever with that guy..

Ok, resolutions! Wait, I've wrote that earlier in my blog.. Haha.. So not gonna write it again.. I want to be a mature, grown up girl.. Like all the 15-year-old girl should be.. But, I don't know.. I can't actually fake myself.. Its for the best, you know... Haha.. And I don't know what to write here.. Can't wait for 2011, I guess.. Hehe.. I just want the future to get better... More awesome, amazing, crazy kinda crush on you.. Oh wait, that is Nick Jonas's song... Haha..

Actually, a lot of things happened this year.. Good and bad.. To list them all, its freaking too long.. So, to make it shorter, I'll pick the worst and the best thing that happened.. First thing first, the best things... Ok, hmm, let me see.. Oh well, I'll just rate them though...

Best things..

1. Our drama team got number 1 in the drama competition, but lost in the finals.. Oh well, that was awesome though especially I got to play the oppposite sex..

2. Hmm, oh yeah, my class got to do a performance for the Independence day.. It was beyond awesome.. Had a lot of friends, done crazy stuff..

3. Being my own cousin's girl friend.. Haha.. That was epic.. Really!!

4. Went to a camp! That was like freaking cool!

5. Had a great time learning guitar with a seriously sweet teacher.. He is so talented and he is super amazing.. ( Yeah, I fell for him once, Hehe.. Naughty student.. )

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