Saturday, May 1, 2010

i will never believe it!


He is the most stupidest human being! I never believe he said that! Now I know, I swear he will never be my friend again! I had given a thousand chances and now the chances is FINISH! I don't know what happened to him.. He had change a lot since he became friends some so-called-cool-dudes. And they made him change over night! And now he hates me and obviously day by day, I know inside I hate him more than I hate to eat Chilli.. How could he did that? I mean he said we are supposed to be friends like forever, living in New York, working under a same roof... No! All of them are just some stupid imagination. I won't work about being friends anymore. If that's the way he wants, then I'm off! He said I never said thanks to him, HEY I DID, OK?! He will never learn about being friends.. Such a cry baby!! Why? He wants everyone to understand his feelings like everyday? DUDE! Get a life! Now I won't talk to him!


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