Thursday, April 22, 2010

sick and so scared...


Arghh!! I'm feeling sick today.. Firstly, I feel dizzy yesterday. Then today, I had a cold. A very bad one! I hate cold coz it makes you uncomfortable. Trust me, I know how it feels.. -.-. And the worst part is, my school is already got hit by a very dangerous disease called.. H1NI!!! That sickness like the most craziest sick ever got hit. There's already like 2 people in my school got H1N1. And supposedly the school got closed but the headmistress of the school didn't want to close it because she wants the her students to catch the syllabus! Does she wanted her students to die just to catch that syllabus?! And the class where the students got
H1N1 is not attending the school. Like what?! That is so not fair!! But the teachers are really scared bout this sickness. I told my teacher that i have a flu and the teacher was like 'Oh, you have to go back". Like what?! So i just stay at school. And now I heve this bad cold because I didn't wear my mask! haha!! My bad ok? Now i have to make sure that i don't have any of that H1N1 disease! I have to make sure I am in a good state of health..

see ya!!

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