Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ok, there's a girl in my school that is freaking crazy!! Ok, shs has a boyfriend and apparently her boyfriend is in my class and my friend too. So,me and him is like kinda close but just friends. But, she thought I was having an affair with her bf. Like what? I'd rather have a fat, black guy as my bf.. Gosh, how could she think of that when I have nothing to do with that guy! Jealous much? Oh, and her friends are freaking like her. If anyone knows them.. Well... What I found out today is I found out that someone had wrote in her formspring that I tried to snatch her guy.. That anynomous little rat is going to get it from me!! And how could she/he wrote that my best friend would write something like that? Ok, they are dead!!

Hate em'..

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