Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senorita Sufiah...

Hey! What's up?!

Ok, I'm feeling kind of sick but a little bit psycho.. So, conclusion, sick-o.. I've got tons of nick names but I don't want to talk about my stupid nicknames that my beloved friends gave me...

Senorita... I'm referring to SENIOR.. Hey, I'm a girl.. So, it is suppose to be SENORITA.. Like whatever then.. Haha.. So, I met this group of Form 1's.. (I'm form 3!).. Me and my peeps were having our recess when these girls were rude to us.. Akmal was saying something and suddenly the rudest among them was being real rude! Gosh, they were like juniors and all of us were senior.. Where is the respect?!

So, as the days goes by, me and Sorayya were dying to tell them of! Then came this fateful day that both of us were telling them to respect someone older than them.. Since then, non of them dared to talk to us.. Not even look inside our eyes.. How's that for respect?!

But, not all juniors are mean and rude.. If they are mean and rude, they will stay that way.. But, for the nice one, its a lot different.. I mean it, A LOT..

For example, just now, my drama club held an audition.. So, I'm one of the judges.. Haha... Then, there's this group of Form 1's.. After two contestants, I became bored and went to the place where the kids were hanging out before they were called.. I met this girl, Badrica.. Yeah, she's pretty.. She has this Chinese-Arab mix... Just like moi.. So, surprisingly, both of us get along together.. Then, she called me her soul sister.. Aww, I'm so touched.. Hehehe..

So, like I said, small ones have to respect the big ones in order to get the big ones to respect you.. Or else, it will turn out bad.. I mean it.. And I don't kid about respect! Oh yeah..


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When That Moment Comes To An End..

Hey yo..

I'm seriously feeling down.. That's because someone made me that way.. My dearest music teacher, Mr. Hezron.. He's gonna leave next week.. So, I'm gonna write about him.. From the first time I met him until today...

My teacher was supposed to be this rock dude... He doesn't have any feelings at all.. And I was like, yeah, ok.. Then, one day, Jovy said that I'm gonna have a new teacher, Hezron.. I was like who? So, when I came into the class, I saw this man with a clean feature.. And yeah, he's cute.. =)

So, there we were.. Had an amazing time in the class.. Just the two of us.. He was a real nice teacher, fun and a little chilidish, but still cute though.. I had the time of my life every Tuesday.. Its a memory I'll never forget..

But, there's a memory I want to forget but I just can't.. It was the day that he told me that he was leaving.. He said he's gonna leave somewhere in February.. So, I prepared myself to be real sad on February...

Too bad for me, I was at class this evening... He told me that he is seriously gonna leave.. And stupidly I was asking when he's gonna leave.. This is what he told me..
"Actually, I'm supposed to leave this week, but I took another week. So, next week, its the last class for me," with an innocent smile.. I was seriously shock! How could he be so calm? But I know, deep inside, he was hurt..

So, I can't believe that a year had gone really fast.. Now, he's leaving for good.. But, I don't think anyone could replace him.. I know that because he's ONE IN A MILLION..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fire And Rain!

Yeah, I'm feeling too active today.. Not sure why..

Oh well, last week was a real busy week for me.. With studies and sports and so on.. And yeah, knowing Malaysia, its always raining and hot... Which is not surprise.. The weird thing that I noticed is every Monday, its always raining.. But other days, its just sunny and beautiful..

Studies is just okay.. Not that hard to understand, at least not yet... But hey, I'm catching up fast.. Haha.. And this year I decided to go active in sports.. And the only I'm in right now, RUGBY! Oh yeah, everyone was really really surprised why did I entered that type of game.. I was like, I'm sick playing other games and this game rocks! And the coach was super nice.. Its not wrong right trying out new things?

So, just now, I came back from my school around 4.15.. I was supposed to be back by 4 but duh, it was raining hard.. So, I hung out with my friends, well my close friend, Faris.. And weirdly I still hung out with that "WHITE CHOCOLATE".. I don't know why... I tried to get away from him.. Then, at last, me and him are just friends.. Its uo to him to think if I'm just a friend or someone else.. But I'll be like, WHATEVER! Haha..

Well, I've gotta go.. Got stuffs to do.. Will write more about me and my entire life.. Till then..


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just A Life..

Hey hey...

Ok, I'm having a bad cold today.. Darn! Hate it.. Just a life? Hahaha.. Its just a title.. Not sure what to write.. But I'll try to think about it..

Oh yeah, I'm playing rugby now... Fun! The coach was scary when I saw him for the first time.. But then, he was really sporting! Now, every week I'll be coming to school every Saturday for rugby.. Can't wait.. And unfortunately, I've been quite sick lately... My asthma attacked me like 5 times this month... Seriously hate it..

Oh well, I seriously don't know what to write but if I came up with anything, I'll write.. Ciao for now!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Falls And Crawls..

Yayy! Its already one week since the school's open..
Ok, what do I mean by falls and crawls? Its actually a real thing happened to me, at school, of course.. Lets start with falls...

One fateful day (yeah right..), I was foing down the stairs at my house to take my bag.. I was just finished bathing that time.. But, when I was going down, I accidentally slip and slide.. I was like woah! That hurts.. Seriously, that really hurts.. When I thought that was it, I didn't know what is coming at school..

Once I reached my class, I was half-surprised what had happened inside there.. I was half surprise because I know my class has holes in it but I didn't know it could make such flood! After that, the class teacher asked us to study in the hall which was cool because we had to learn inside a huge hall with only 40 students inside... So, we had the hall all to ourselves..

Then, after recess, it was Bahasa Melayu period.. Before the teacher came in, me and Sorayya played and danced (normal for us..) at the back of the hall... Suddenly, the teacher came in.. Me and Sorayya ran as fast as we could.. But unlucky for me and I don't know how, I fell down, hard! Its a good thing that only a few people saw that.. But trust me, the pain was unbearable! I can't even move my hands that time.. But its a good thing it was on my left side..

So, that's what happened on the first week.. Well, you may ask why I put crawls.. Nah, I was actually trying to find something that rhymes with falls.. So, hehehe..


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Need You Forever

This is not my life, but a story that I dreamt..

Lia is a 20 year-old girl. She's a pretty girl with brown wavy hair, hazel eyes and a perfect smile. Yes, everyone thought that she is perfect and every guy that she met fell in love with her. Who wouldn't want a girl that is really soft spoken, sweet and nice. But, too bad for all the guys that like her, she doesn't believe in love, at all... So, she never had a boyfriend before..

One day, she was walking around the park. While she was reading a book, she bumped to a guy. Lia saw that guy. It was her cousin, Rick.

"Rick? Is that you?" asked Lia with full of curiousity.

"Hmm, wait, are you Lia? Oh my god, what are you doing here?" Rick finally realise.

"Oh, I stay here. Wow, you look different,". So, Lia and Rick were talking to each other. Rick was doing his study there. Lia was happy she found him.

After a week they met, Lia and Rick knew something. They were in love but they can't tell. One night, when they were having a dinner by the beach, Lia got up to take a drink. Suddenly, she tripped her feet on a tree root. She fell down and accidently, kissed Rick. After the kiss, Rick told Lia he was actually falling for her since they were 18. But, Lia was still strucked about the kiss and Rick's confession. It was the first time ever that she felt love. That night ended like a fairytale for Lia and Rick

Lia and Rick were happy with each other. Lia decided to live with Rick. One day, Lia asked Rick,

"Rick, no one knows that we are having a relationship, right? I mean our family? You know, we are cousins,".

"Well, if they knew about it, I don't think we can be in this relationship, baby," answered Rick. Lia was confused. She's a girl that always tell everything to her parents. But about this, she decided not to tell them just to save their relationship.

It was winter in New Jersey. Rick was sleeping when Lia got up to get some cough mixture. She was coughing for about two months, non-stop. She thought it was just a normal cough. That afternoon, Lia was coughing badly until blood came out. When she went to see Dr. Michelson, he said she was having lung cancer. Lia burst out in tears when she knew about it. Dr. Michelson told her that she have about 6 months to live bacause her lung was in a bad shape. Walking back home, Lia was thinking if she should tell Rick about it. But, she decided to keep it a secret.

Lia and Rick were having a dinner when Rick asked how was her coughing.

"Oh, its all good. Dr. Michelson said its just a normal cough. You don't have to worry, okay? Rick, if I can only live for another 6 months, what would you do?".

"What are you talking about, baby? I would live everyday for you. Now, stop talking about that. I love you and I don't want to lose you at all," answered Rick, confused.

It had been 5 months. Lia was looking very sick and pale. But, whenever Rick asked her why, she answered that its nothing. But, Rick beginning to worry and went to see Dr. Michelson. Dr. Michelson told him that Lia was suffering from a chronic lung cancer. Rick couldn't believe what he heard. How could Lia didn't tell him about her condition? Why did she decided to suffer it herself? Rick was angry with her.

Once Rick reached home, Lia was cooking and coughing.

"How could you?!" screamed Rick.

"What? What are you talking about?!"

"You are sick! And you didn't even tell me about it?!"

"Look, its not your problem! I'm the one who is sick. Not you. You want the truth? I'll give it to you."

(will be continued..)