Monday, November 1, 2010

Going To An End..

Hey!! What's up dude!!

Today has been the messiest day in my life!! I can't believe I got 21/40 for BM paper 1! Its just not fair.. Well, actually it is. You see, the whole class was frustrated with the freaking damn paper.. The JPS who did the paper, had put the stupidest answer just because they wanted to make us confused! What??!! The question was just the same as the answer!! ARGGHH!!

The thing that made me really really mad is the 38th question. It said what is the meaning of the letters that was underlined. I answered the real thing but it was wrong! The teacher said they wanted the meaning of the freaking word. But it was clearly stated they wanted the meaning of the underlined letter!!! Stupid ass!! Who in the hell asked us to answer the word!!

Now, just because of that, I got 21/40 which means clearly I won't get A or maybe, just maybe, close to B. But still!!! The paper 2 won't help that much. The best thing was that I was crying of depression in class!! Damn, I was really sad, mad and hate it. A LOT!! God!! Stupid JPS people who wanted us to fail everything!!!

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