Monday, December 27, 2010

Every night Is A Fairytale..

Hee.. =).. Such a sweet title..

Ok, I admit. Being with him is like the time of my lives.. Like Demi was with Joe, Nick was with Miley and so on.. So does me. Me with Afiq.. He's like a star that shines the lonely, dark night.. Since I became his girl, I began to like literature.. Don't ask why cos I don't know either.. So, since we can only meet once a year, officialy, we do something else.. Like, webcam, texting, and my fave, calling..

Well, his voice is like a music.. Well, not really, haha.. He's a funny guy, knows how to make me laugh like crazy.. He has a lot sense of humour.. Love him so much.. Like I said to him, I can't afford to lose him by any chance... He's one in a million! Eventhough next year would be kinda awkward.. That is because he would be 18 and I'm 15? Hello! Awkward much.. But he said, age don't matter in love.. Yeah, maybe he's right.. Hope so.. He so loyal that sometimes I feel really guilty.. Hmm, not sure why I felt that..

If a person ask me what is my favourite memory in 2010, I'll say Karak! Love that time! Love the person in that memory too! ;-).. Well, that is the most beautiful time too.. Duh.. Hahaha.. He is the most perfect guy I've ever met in my whole life.. Good thing my family doesn't have a clue.. Hehehe... So naughty.. Oh well, GTG! Ciao!


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