Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spinning round and round and round......

Arghhh!! My head is like being hit by a bowling ball! It really hurts... Don't know why. Maybe its because that now is the fasting month, its hot, I'm busy with the merdeka preparation and lots of things.. I hate it everytime I have to suffer with this kind of pain. I don't care about any pain except for this one. Wait a sec, I'm not actually writing about my headache. I'm gonna right what happens now..

You see, last two days I went to the final drama competition in MSU. Everyone knows who I am, right? Well, eventually I met with this guy, Aaron, in a bus. He asked for my phone number so I gave it to him. Its not always that boys asking for my phone number. So, I'm kinda excited because this boy is kinda cute. But in my heart there's only Muiz. We kinda chat for a while and continued in the lecturing hall where like more than 100 students were in the small lecturing hall. Aaron asked me to sit with him so I did because I'm not trying to flirt with him but there's too many people inside and so stuffy. Well, we talked a lot and I can see that Akmal is not really happy with it. So does my other drama teammates. I was like, whatever..

After they announced the winner, which is Aaron's team, I took a picture with him for memories. In the car while we about to go home, my team-mates called me Despresso. To be honest, I'm not desperate ok? I'm just trying to be friendly with anyone else and not to stick with one only.

What I cannot believe is, one of them told Muiz that I'm in love with Aaron which is so not true! Omigosh, I can't believe they said that! Just because Aaron put me and him as his profile picture in facebook, doesn't mean I'm crushing on him good. I was like, WTH?!

Oh well, that's just how it goes huh? I told Muiz that none of them was true and he understands me. I'm happy to have an understanding guy just like him. I know he won't let me go and I promise not to let him go. I just love him, you know...


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