Sunday, July 18, 2010

love life sucks!!

hey again.. in this post, you will know why i'm sort of moody these days.. i'm not having any crisis ok?!
Like I said in the previous post, being a teenager is tough.. The fact is, it is. Everyone that is teens must experience something called falling in L.O.V.E. For me, love life had been hard. First, the guy I love the most finally confessed that he loves a girl in his class. That really broke me into pieces. Its a good thing I didn't cry when he said that. Oh yeah, I'm a strong girl. Nah, actually I'm seriously weak! After that, I promised myself not to fall in love again. As you can see clearly, love only makes you hurt. Its great to be single and have friends, NORMAL friends. Friends that you know you won't fall in love with. Friends that you know that always be with you no matter what. Everytime you feel like you are at the lowest point of gravity, you will realise that you have to be strong and make yourself stand-up for yourself. Its not easy to heal when you had fallen in love with someone you know for quite a time. Well, that's what I learn from my exeprience. And trust me, getting in love is so easy but when you want to leave it will be very very hard...
So, be smart at choosing your own life.. =)

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