Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drama Is BACK!

Wokay, its been a real long time since i updated this blog. Sorry. Hehe. Oh well, life is confusingly fun, fill with sadness and happiness. In short, its weird. Hey,that's life.

Today, I'm gonna talk about my drama competition. Well, we won second place this year but still got to go to the finals. Sick! Hahaha. I met new friends, most of them from SMK Seafield. They were seriously cool kids. No doubt. Our drama was about this love child, played by yours truly, who wanted to know who are her parents. Poor kid. She was raised by this kind doctor who found her mom when her mom was pregnant. Yeah, a lot of screaming too. But, its worth everything.

There you go about all the play. Now, about the boys I met there. Well, I was accidentally scandaled with this guy from SMK Seafield. He's a chubby guy. Cute. Hey, I love chubby guys now! I'm not sure why but I do know they extremely cute. Haha. So, yeah, his name is Idlan. And I didn't know his dad was a somebody because he is very down-to-earth. Aww, how cute. Okay, stop it..

Now, I can't wait for the finals which is in one week's time. A very very short time. Seriously. Oh, did I said that we competed in SMK Subang Jaya or Faris Azim's ex-school. When I reached that school, I burst in tears. Breakdown, I guess? Nah, I missed him too much..

Well, gonna write more soon. Wish me luck for my finals..


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