Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bruno Mars... Hawaiaiian Cupid..

Yeah, Bruno Mars.. He is very famous by now, I guess... With his sweet love songs that would give anyone that heard the songs a feeling or brings tears... He is so awesome! I love Bruno Mars now..

His songs, coincedencely, much related to me.. Hehe.. I loike it! For example, Just The Way You Are, my ex-guitar teacher dedicated that song to me... Huhuhuh.. When You're Lonely, hmm, long story short, someone did that to me.. I was so dumb.. To make it simple, I love his songs and he is my inspiration.. Haha

My fave song from him is supposed to be Talking To The Moon, but it changed to When You're Lonely.. Trust me, the first time I heard his songs, I love them straight away, every one of them... I think he's the kind of singer that is really talented.. Not like Justin Bieber.... Boo!!!

And Bruno Mars is going to be in Malaysia.. I wish I could go.. He's so awesome... I love his songs so much!! My ringtone? Hehehe, Lazy Song.. That really suits myself, huh? It is! Haha!

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