Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Friends Are Meant To Be Forever

Hey yo!

Hmm, why am I talking about friendship right now? Because I wanted too! LOL!

I have A LOT of amazing friends. They are too amazing that I can't describe them at all. For example, my bestest girl friends (I love you guys till death!) Sorayya and Syiro. They are mean to me sometimes (all the time), but they are still the best for me. Everytime they scold me or get mad at me (yes, its my own fault -,-), I understand why they are doing that. They are like my sisters. Knows me the best and all!

Then my guy friends. Danial, Zaim, Zairul, Arif, Faizal and Din. There's a lot more but I'm just too lazy to type. Hehe. Well, I'm the closest with Danial. He knows me well and share some secrets that I never share with Sorayya (sorry bout that). Sorayya's mom said that me and Danial looks kinda same. Hmm, not quite agree on that. All I know is we have the same type of nose, I guess? Hmm, not sure. But, I'm the closest to him.

Well, like I said, friends are meant to be forever. Eventhough we fight almost everyday, we still have each other backs. Now that's a tight friendship! Hahaha! My one and only wish is I don't our friendship break, never at all! I love you guys so much!


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