Saturday, March 12, 2011

One In A Million Chance... =)

Hey! I know I just broke up.. Whatever.. I'm still hurt though and I think he must be really really down right now.. =(

But, despite the pain in me, there's a seriously cool thing happened in my life!!! AAAAHHH!!! Haha.. Guess what? Finally, I sang my song on tv! Haha, believe it or not, that's a fact baby! It is so cool and awesome!

It was a normal Tuesday... But when I got home, my mom said that my guitar class is earlier.. So, I was like ok. Then, the principal called said that the class will be much earlier and she said that there's gonna be an interview from tv3... I was seriously like WHAT THE HECK?! I was surprised and that got me jumping all aroung the house until I got into the car...

As I reached the guitar class, there was not a soul in the class... I walked to the dancing studio and saw my teacher was shooting an interview about music.. Then the host asked me to get in because he wanted to interviewed me too... So, I sat there and watched the whole thing being shot.. And it was my turn.. They asked me about everything I know about music.. Then, the big thing happened... They asked me to sing I composed myself.. I was shocked because I don't remember my songs, none of them.. But, I just did the lyrics and sing it..

I really thought that when they broadcasted it, they would cut my singing part.. But, they didn't.. Gosh, it was seriously awesome.. I think that was the best time of my life!!! Wohhooo!! Lets hope that after this, I would get a music contract from anywhere ( yeah right )


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