Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sad Because Of An Annoying Guy..

Hmm, I wonder who made me sad...

A few days ago, my friend who I used to hate went to a boarding school.. And for no reason, I was sad, real sad.. He's the guy that you will thought so macho and all that... But actually he's super annoying.. So annoying that I don't want to talk to him.. But, both of us were friends..

He told me that he gets to go to a boarding school and I was like, ok, whatever.. Then, last Sunday, he sent me a text message saying goodbye.. I freaked out! Oh my god, he's going away for the next two years.. I took my chance to call him and said goodbye.. It turns out that we were texting from 6pm until 11pm.. And weirdly, I was in the car then I cried.. Damn it, my mom saw that I was crying because of him.. I told him that I'm so gonna miss the time when he gets so annoying.. He replied, " Yeah, I like u too..". I was seriously stunned when he said that..

So, at night, we were still texting.. Its like I can't accept the fact that he'll be gone, for good.. But, I slowly accept that.. But, what I can't accept is when he sent me his last text message.. It says, " U know what, the more we talk, I start to develop more interest in u..". I can't help by those words and burst into tears.. It was seriously sad for me... I can't believe I cried for a guy who is so annoying but yet my friend.. My words for him, Good luck, Good bye and Have FUN!!


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