Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Once More, A JERK ON A ROLL!!!

Yo, what's up!

A jerk on a roll? Yep, exactly... This JERK is the one and only MUIZ... He's the freakiest jerk I've ever known and met! Look, I have my own reasons why I hate him so much, I could kill him and banish him from this earth!

It began when yesterday, I said I wanna talk to him.. That's because for some reason I felt guilty all of a sudden..Its a weird feeling I tell you.. So, right after my sports practice, I went and meet him and talked to him.. So, stupidly, I told him what I actually felt.. At first, he understands me.. But then, he started to blabbing about me making him look bad in front of ALL the teachers! I was like WTH?! So, that's what he thought of me huh?!

Just because of he is a prefect, he has to look perfect in front of the teachers?! Ughh! Since then, I know, a jerk will stay as a jerk no matter what.. I really thought he might change but nah, it won't happen, at all! As for me, I was so stupid for telling him that.. I should have seen that coming.. Guess I'm not that smart huh?

Tough luck..


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