Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its Just EWWW! (i want that..)

Hahaha.. What a funny title.. Just eww? What's that? Hehe

I just came back from KFC.. I was supposed to go with Akmal but he didn't come.. So, Faizal and Faris were going together and yeah, I'm alone.. As usual, the TWO gays were late.. Surprisingly, I saw Danial and his blegghh! girlfriend.. BOO!! And guess what? They were so disgusting.. Holding hands, feeding each other.. Its just ewww!!! I swear that if the two guys were late 2 minutes, I would have already puke in there!

But, actually there's a whole secret behing that eww-ness.. Hehehe.. I realized something.. I miss him.. How I wish both of us would be like that.. Seeing each other, date.. Huhh.. Too bad, that's not gonna happen. But hey, there's a good thing about that.. No one would like accused us of doing bad things.. I mean, that's good right? Not like what happen to the blegghh! couple ( danial and jiha -,- ).. Both of them were caught by the teachers! And boo yeah! They got a looonnnggg talk with the discpline teacher.. Ooohhh, I'm so evil! Hahaha!!

Oh well, eventhough both of us didn't meet like a normal couple, we are still in love... And I think that having a long distance realtionship is a good thing.. We would miss each other and knows that the love feeling will stay longer than having a guy near you and meet each other EVERYDAY.. But, I have great friends around me! Love them forever! Truly sisters!


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