Saturday, January 1, 2011

Need You Forever

This is not my life, but a story that I dreamt..

Lia is a 20 year-old girl. She's a pretty girl with brown wavy hair, hazel eyes and a perfect smile. Yes, everyone thought that she is perfect and every guy that she met fell in love with her. Who wouldn't want a girl that is really soft spoken, sweet and nice. But, too bad for all the guys that like her, she doesn't believe in love, at all... So, she never had a boyfriend before..

One day, she was walking around the park. While she was reading a book, she bumped to a guy. Lia saw that guy. It was her cousin, Rick.

"Rick? Is that you?" asked Lia with full of curiousity.

"Hmm, wait, are you Lia? Oh my god, what are you doing here?" Rick finally realise.

"Oh, I stay here. Wow, you look different,". So, Lia and Rick were talking to each other. Rick was doing his study there. Lia was happy she found him.

After a week they met, Lia and Rick knew something. They were in love but they can't tell. One night, when they were having a dinner by the beach, Lia got up to take a drink. Suddenly, she tripped her feet on a tree root. She fell down and accidently, kissed Rick. After the kiss, Rick told Lia he was actually falling for her since they were 18. But, Lia was still strucked about the kiss and Rick's confession. It was the first time ever that she felt love. That night ended like a fairytale for Lia and Rick

Lia and Rick were happy with each other. Lia decided to live with Rick. One day, Lia asked Rick,

"Rick, no one knows that we are having a relationship, right? I mean our family? You know, we are cousins,".

"Well, if they knew about it, I don't think we can be in this relationship, baby," answered Rick. Lia was confused. She's a girl that always tell everything to her parents. But about this, she decided not to tell them just to save their relationship.

It was winter in New Jersey. Rick was sleeping when Lia got up to get some cough mixture. She was coughing for about two months, non-stop. She thought it was just a normal cough. That afternoon, Lia was coughing badly until blood came out. When she went to see Dr. Michelson, he said she was having lung cancer. Lia burst out in tears when she knew about it. Dr. Michelson told her that she have about 6 months to live bacause her lung was in a bad shape. Walking back home, Lia was thinking if she should tell Rick about it. But, she decided to keep it a secret.

Lia and Rick were having a dinner when Rick asked how was her coughing.

"Oh, its all good. Dr. Michelson said its just a normal cough. You don't have to worry, okay? Rick, if I can only live for another 6 months, what would you do?".

"What are you talking about, baby? I would live everyday for you. Now, stop talking about that. I love you and I don't want to lose you at all," answered Rick, confused.

It had been 5 months. Lia was looking very sick and pale. But, whenever Rick asked her why, she answered that its nothing. But, Rick beginning to worry and went to see Dr. Michelson. Dr. Michelson told him that Lia was suffering from a chronic lung cancer. Rick couldn't believe what he heard. How could Lia didn't tell him about her condition? Why did she decided to suffer it herself? Rick was angry with her.

Once Rick reached home, Lia was cooking and coughing.

"How could you?!" screamed Rick.

"What? What are you talking about?!"

"You are sick! And you didn't even tell me about it?!"

"Look, its not your problem! I'm the one who is sick. Not you. You want the truth? I'll give it to you."

(will be continued..)

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