Monday, January 10, 2011

Falls And Crawls..

Yayy! Its already one week since the school's open..
Ok, what do I mean by falls and crawls? Its actually a real thing happened to me, at school, of course.. Lets start with falls...

One fateful day (yeah right..), I was foing down the stairs at my house to take my bag.. I was just finished bathing that time.. But, when I was going down, I accidentally slip and slide.. I was like woah! That hurts.. Seriously, that really hurts.. When I thought that was it, I didn't know what is coming at school..

Once I reached my class, I was half-surprised what had happened inside there.. I was half surprise because I know my class has holes in it but I didn't know it could make such flood! After that, the class teacher asked us to study in the hall which was cool because we had to learn inside a huge hall with only 40 students inside... So, we had the hall all to ourselves..

Then, after recess, it was Bahasa Melayu period.. Before the teacher came in, me and Sorayya played and danced (normal for us..) at the back of the hall... Suddenly, the teacher came in.. Me and Sorayya ran as fast as we could.. But unlucky for me and I don't know how, I fell down, hard! Its a good thing that only a few people saw that.. But trust me, the pain was unbearable! I can't even move my hands that time.. But its a good thing it was on my left side..

So, that's what happened on the first week.. Well, you may ask why I put crawls.. Nah, I was actually trying to find something that rhymes with falls.. So, hehehe..


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