Monday, May 30, 2011

One Day With The Guy I Never Realise

Hey, today was an amazing day. I went out with my peeps, Akmal and Siva, to Sunway Pyramid. We thought of going ice skating (aka seeing me fall hard). But then, Faris came along. So, me and Faris and his friend went to watch Pirates Of The Carribean 4. It was a crazy movie, not kidding.

So, yeah. Akmal and Siva end up getting mad at me cos I didn't go for ice skating with them. Maybe they were just upset about that only. Hello, I went to eat Sushi King with them? Duh! Oh well, after that, we were walking around the place, not knowing where were we heading.

Then, I bought some cupcakes for my beloved family. And gosh! The cupcakes were so cute that I could just eat them all up. Seriously.. But, I brought back home. My friend scold me because I was eating 15 mini-cupcakes. MINI I tell you! Fine, maybe I was too overboard on the cupcakes. But who can deny such marvelous cupcakes?


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