Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When That Moment Comes To An End..

Hey yo..

I'm seriously feeling down.. That's because someone made me that way.. My dearest music teacher, Mr. Hezron.. He's gonna leave next week.. So, I'm gonna write about him.. From the first time I met him until today...

My teacher was supposed to be this rock dude... He doesn't have any feelings at all.. And I was like, yeah, ok.. Then, one day, Jovy said that I'm gonna have a new teacher, Hezron.. I was like who? So, when I came into the class, I saw this man with a clean feature.. And yeah, he's cute.. =)

So, there we were.. Had an amazing time in the class.. Just the two of us.. He was a real nice teacher, fun and a little chilidish, but still cute though.. I had the time of my life every Tuesday.. Its a memory I'll never forget..

But, there's a memory I want to forget but I just can't.. It was the day that he told me that he was leaving.. He said he's gonna leave somewhere in February.. So, I prepared myself to be real sad on February...

Too bad for me, I was at class this evening... He told me that he is seriously gonna leave.. And stupidly I was asking when he's gonna leave.. This is what he told me..
"Actually, I'm supposed to leave this week, but I took another week. So, next week, its the last class for me," with an innocent smile.. I was seriously shock! How could he be so calm? But I know, deep inside, he was hurt..

So, I can't believe that a year had gone really fast.. Now, he's leaving for good.. But, I don't think anyone could replace him.. I know that because he's ONE IN A MILLION..

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