Monday, January 24, 2011

Fire And Rain!

Yeah, I'm feeling too active today.. Not sure why..

Oh well, last week was a real busy week for me.. With studies and sports and so on.. And yeah, knowing Malaysia, its always raining and hot... Which is not surprise.. The weird thing that I noticed is every Monday, its always raining.. But other days, its just sunny and beautiful..

Studies is just okay.. Not that hard to understand, at least not yet... But hey, I'm catching up fast.. Haha.. And this year I decided to go active in sports.. And the only I'm in right now, RUGBY! Oh yeah, everyone was really really surprised why did I entered that type of game.. I was like, I'm sick playing other games and this game rocks! And the coach was super nice.. Its not wrong right trying out new things?

So, just now, I came back from my school around 4.15.. I was supposed to be back by 4 but duh, it was raining hard.. So, I hung out with my friends, well my close friend, Faris.. And weirdly I still hung out with that "WHITE CHOCOLATE".. I don't know why... I tried to get away from him.. Then, at last, me and him are just friends.. Its uo to him to think if I'm just a friend or someone else.. But I'll be like, WHATEVER! Haha..

Well, I've gotta go.. Got stuffs to do.. Will write more about me and my entire life.. Till then..


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