Thursday, June 2, 2011

Counting The Days.. =)

What's up bloggers! As if all bloggers are reading this.. Haha, I'm so full of myself.. XD

I'm only 15 and I have to suffer everything. Love life, study, and most importantly my health condition. Its bad, really bad. Even I don't know it turns out really really bad. So, I cried almost every night. Whatever.. =)

I know I wrote about this before but that wasn't detail enough. I have a heart disease and guess what, it runs in the family! 0,o. I don't know why I'm the only who have to get this?!

Another thing that freak me is the doctor told me I might have a short life. WTF?! What kind of doctor should say anything like that?! I know what am I going through but you don't have to say "You have a SHORT LIFE!". Gosh, unsensitive much?

Everyday I felt pain. Everyday, every night, everytime I tried to breath. The pain was crazy. Sometimes I feel like stabbing my heart so that it wouldn't cause such pain anymore. But, I didn't. Mom said I have to be really strong and they are always there for me. I just love my family and friends. They are the best!

Big chances, I'll be having an operation. But knowing me, there's no way I'm gonna be in that cold operation theatre. Too much drama. Haha, get it? Operation theatre? Drama? I know you guys didn't get it. I'm a lame joker..

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